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Tips for Constructing a Secure Garage or Parking Structure

Creating a secure parking structure is all about deterring crime and helping customers feel safe. Traditional parking garages can have weak points that leave vehicles vulnerable to theft and make visitors feel unsafe. Learn some of the best tips for constructing a more secure parking structure to take some of these hassles out of public or private parking.

Use Video Surveillance

While they offer convenient parking solutions, parking garages can also be a common site for unwanted behaviour such as theft. If your structure doesn’t have one already, consider installing a security system featuring video surveillance cameras. When you do, place surveillance cameras in well-lit areas that won’t obstruct their feed.

You can also post signage warning visitors and potential thieves that their actions are being monitored and recorded by security. Sometimes the mere presence of security features such as these is enough to deter criminals.

Implement Stack Parking

Automatic and semi-automatic parking systems create safer parking structures by changing the traditional security formula. In a traditional parking garage, thefts are common because criminals have access to cars on each level. However, stacked parking systems store cars vertically and retrieve them through automated technology. Thieves can no longer walk up to an unattended vehicle in a stacked parking garage thanks to their use of vertical space.

Additionally, stacked parking garages are safer for visitors, who no longer need to walk through floors with poor lighting to find their vehicles. Instead, automated systems allow customers to simply wait in a secure, well-lit area for the automated platforms to retrieve their cars. This added security is just one benefit of stack parking.

Post Directional Signage

Directional signage can help keep your parking garage operating smoothly and avoid traffic jams and accidents. In dimly lit parking garages with poor signage, drivers might not realize they’re going the wrong way until they encounter another car. This can cause accidents and delays in your traffic flow. However, when you clearly mark which way to the exit or which way to follow to find your parking valet, it makes accidents less likely and keeps your structure more organized.

These tips can help you create a more secure parking garage for your business and keep your customers and their vehicles safe.


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