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7 Things You Need to Do In Order to Become a Realtor

Are you passionate about real estate and dream of helping people find their perfect homes or investment properties? Becoming a realtor can be an exciting and rewarding career choice, but it requires dedication, hard work, and adherence to specific steps. A realtor also needs to master negotiation skills, as you will often act as a mediator between buyers and sellers to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Additionally, understanding the local real estate market trends and economic factors is crucial to providing valuable insights to your clients and helping them make informed decisions. You can get started on this career path by looking into a comprehensive guide that navigates you through the process with confidence and expertise.

1. Research and Understand the Licensing Requirements

Before diving into the world of real estate, it’s crucial to research and understand the licensing requirements in your state. Real estate licensing laws vary from state to state, and you need to ensure you meet all the prerequisites to become a realtor. Typically, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be a legal resident or citizen.

In addition to these general requirements, you’ll need to complete a certain number of real estate pre-licensing education hours. For example, if you reside in Washington, search for the best Washington real estate license course that suits your needs and schedule.

2. Enroll in a Pre-Licensing Education Program

Once you’ve determined the educational requirements, the next step is to enrol in a reputable pre-licensing education program. These courses are designed to provide you with fundamental knowledge about real estate principles, laws, contracts, and ethical practices. Opt for a course that is accredited by your state’s real estate commission and offers a comprehensive curriculum to prepare you for the licensing exam.

Look for online or in-person classes that fit your learning style and schedule, ensuring you can complete the required hours efficiently and effectively. It’s also beneficial to read reviews and testimonials from previous students to gauge the course’s quality and effectiveness in preparing them for the real estate industry.

3. Focus on Continuous Learning and Skill Development

While completing the pre-licensing education is essential, don’t stop learning once you obtain your real estate license. The real estate market is dynamic, and successful realtors continually update their knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition. Attend workshops, seminars, and industry events to gain insights into the latest trends and best practices.

Furthermore, consider joining professional real estate associations that offer valuable resources and networking opportunities. These activities will not only expand your knowledge but also enhance your credibility as a realtor.

4. Choose a Brokerage and Apply for Your License

After completing the required pre-licensing education and passing the licensing exam, it’s time to join a real estate brokerage. Working with a reputable brokerage can provide valuable mentorship, guidance, and access to resources that are crucial for a new realtor. Research different brokerages in your area, and be sure to consider their reputation, commission splits, training programs, and support systems.

Choosing the right brokerage is an important decision as it can significantly impact your career trajectory, so take the time to evaluate each option carefully and select the one that aligns with your long-term goals and values. Once you’ve found the right fit, submit your application for a real estate license to your state’s regulatory agency and the brokerage you wish to join.

5. Prepare for the Licensing Exam

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The real estate licensing exam is a significant hurdle that you must overcome to become a licensed realtor. To increase your chances of success, dedicate ample time to studying and reviewing the material covered in the pre-licensing education program. Utilize practice exams and study guides to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions you’ll encounter.

Additionally, consider joining study groups or seeking help from experienced realtors who can share valuable insights and exam-taking strategies. Proper preparation is key to passing the licensing exam on your first attempt.

6. Build Your Professional Network and Personal Brand

As a realtor, building a strong professional network and personal brand is essential to your success. Attend local networking events, collaborate with other professionals in related industries, and use social media platforms to showcase your expertise and listings. Creating a personal brand that reflects your values and expertise will help you stand out in a competitive market.

Establish yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable realtor, and you’ll naturally attract potential clients and referrals. Moreover, consider volunteering for community initiatives or participating in charity work, as it can also be an effective way to expand your network and demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

7. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

One of the most significant factors that differentiates successful realtors from others is the level of customer service they provide. Always prioritize your client’s needs and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Buying or selling a property is a big life decision for most people, and they will appreciate an agent who is attentive, responsive, and supportive throughout the process.

Taking the time to actively listen to your client’s preferences and concerns, as well as providing regular updates and being transparent throughout the buying or selling process, will further enhance the level of trust and satisfaction they experience with your services. Happy clients are more likely to recommend you to others and become repeat customers in the future.


Becoming a realtor is an exciting journey that requires dedication, education, and a commitment to providing outstanding service to clients. Start by researching and understanding your state’s licensing requirements, then enrol in a comprehensive pre-licensing education program.

Focus on continuous learning and skill development throughout your career, and choose a reputable brokerage that aligns with your goals. Prepare diligently for the licensing exam and build a robust professional network and personal brand to attract clients and referrals. Finally, always strive to provide exceptional customer service to ensure a successful and fulfilling real estate career.


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