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Public Health Ambassadors Uganda Launches the Twist Play

Uganda’s population has seen a marked growth since 1959 when it stood at 6.5 million; reaching 33.8 million in 2010 and is now projected to increase to 91.3 million by 2050. Approximately 40% of this population is under the age of 19 with the current total fertility rate estimated to be 7 children per woman and contraceptive prevalence being at 24%.

With such numbers, it’s no coincidence that the total maternal and child health conditions carry the highest total disease burden in Uganda accounting for 20.4%.

It’s against this background that PHAU (Public Health Ambassadors Uganda) is staging a play on SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health) known as, ‘The Twist’ at the National Theater on 19th to 21st October 2018.

The Twist play seeks to address a number of misconceptions around family planning, gender roles, HIV/AIDS, safe sex, children rights and many others. The play is written by Nargis Shirazi and produced by PHAU.

The play’s story is staged in rural-urban Uganda and revolves around one man, his immediate family and close friends. It is a highly informative and educative art of comedy tailored to reflect cultural norms, gender roles, poverty and the burden of planning for children.

The characters in the Twist play range from flat (those whose character roles remain the same to the end) to round characters (those that experience behavior change). The production also includes a cast of youth actors, choreographers, artists, composers, directors, producers and theatre personnel.

The show is sponsored by Women Deliver, HP, Good Life, Silence Is Deadly – Speak Up, Alliance Francaise Kampala, AIDS Health care Foundation, Uganda Cares and Quicket.

The Twist play will be performed in English language with a mix of Luganda having a running time of 90 minutes. There will be a total of five shows between 19 – 21 October, 2018 as follows;

Production Days

Days Show One Show Two
Friday 11am – 1pm (School Show)
Saturday 3pm – 5pm 7pm -9pm
Sunday 3pm – 5pm 7pm – 9pm

One can attend any of the shows by purchasing the tickets online or from the entrance during show times. There is also a discount on early bird tickets as well as bulky tickets for both students and adults. Ticket prices are as follows;

  • Early bird – UGX15,000 (before end of September)
  • Students at UGX20,000 (bulk at UGX10,000)
  • Adults at UGX25,000 (bulk at UGX15,000)

For inquiries, one can call these numbers: 0704894549/0777139773. Don’t miss out on this amazing play.

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