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Movie Review: What Happened to Monday

Every once in a while, there are always those movies that usually go quietly unnoticed and never get the deserved the attention they need, and one of them this year around is, “What Happened to Monday”.

What Happened to Monday is a dystopian science fiction thriller film, written by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson, directed by Tommy Wirkola. It is based on a futuristic world where the earth is facing the danger of overpopulation and families are allowed only one child. Any couples found hiding extra children are forced to give them up to the authorities.

The movie stars Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe who plays the father role of Terrence Settman that tries to protect seven twins from government execution.

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What Happened to Monday deserves the spot light for its interesting and engaging story

The movie’s story rotates around a group of resourceful identical septuplets who were trained by their grandfather Terrence (Willem Dafoe) to avoid government detection and survive the cruelties of the new world.

Movie Review What Happened to Monday - Newslibre
Noomi Rapace plays the role of the seven twin sisters in What Happened to Monday.

In 2073, overpopulation causes a worldwide crisis, resulting in a strict one-child policy enforced by the Child Allocation Bureau. When multiple children are born to one mother, all but the eldest are put into cryosleep. Karen Settman dies when she gives birth to identical septuplet sisters.

Their grandfather Terrence names them after the days of the week and trains them to pose as a single individual named after their mother, and to leave the house only on the day of their name.

To safeguard their secret, Terrence ensures they share information on a daily basis and replicates any accident that affects one of the sisters’ physical appearance.

After years surviving on one identity, the story takes an interesting twist when one of the twins named Monday goes missing. Her twin sister Tuesday and the others try to find out what happened to her which leads down to a road of murder, deceit and betrayal.

Why I recommend you watch What Happened to Monday

Even though the movie didn’t get much coverage, Noomi Rapace puts on a wonderful performance as she plays the role of the twin sisters trying to find their missing sister. The story also offers an insightful and interesting view of what may happen in the future once the world is hit by overpopulation.

The movie was meant to be called Seven Sisters but was later changed to its current title. According to Jessica Kiang of Variety, she referred to the movie as a “ludicrous, violent, amusingly dumb sci-fi actioner“.

Kiang said that, although it is full of plot holes and Rapace’s characters are thinly characterized, it is likely to become a cult film.

I agree with Kiang, it is definitely a classic and will become one of those few but beautifully presented cult films for those that enjoy a mixture of good drama, thriller and action packed science fiction.

What Happened to Monday Trailer

Director: Tommy Wirkola
Cast: Noomi Rapace,Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close, Marwan Kenzari, Pål Sverre Hagen, Tomiwa Edun, Stig Frode Henriksen, Santiago Cabrera, Robert Wagner, Vlad RădescuScreenwriter: Bill Dubuque
Producers: Raffaella De Laurentiis, Fabrice Gianfermi, Philippe Rousselot
Companies: SND Films, Vendôme, Netflix
Release Dates: August 18, 2017
Newslibre Rating: 7/10
Genres: Action/Crime /Thriller

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