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12 Meaningful Careers for People with Learning Disabilities

Finding a career that is fulfilling to us is a dream many of us have. It sustains the person financially and can provide a life’s purpose. Some are able to find a suitable and meaningful career easily while others face hindrances.

Having a learning disability can make building a career challenging. People with learning disabilities can face prejudices during job interviews and have difficulty “keeping up” or “fitting in” with the rest of their colleagues.

But having a learning disability should not barricade someone from choosing a career and thriving in it. Finding a meaningful career can spell the world of a difference for a person and it’s no different for people with disabilities.

Learning Disabilities in Adulthood

It is important to note that learning disabilities are not related to low intelligence. While it can pose a few challenges in more rigid settings like the school or the workplace, most people with learning disabilities have average to above-average intelligence.

Learning disabilities are life-long disabilities. While it cannot be “outgrown,” it can certainly be managed. Some have even proven that by highlighting their strengths, they can find great success in all aspects of their lives.

Having a learning disability can present differently for different people. Some may have dyslexia, which is a reading disability. Some may have dyspraxia which can affect language and speech as well as movement and coordination. There are other diagnoses under the umbrella of learning disabilities.

Adults with learning disabilities also show great problem-solving skills and compensatory strategies. They may also have outgoing personalities. Oftentimes, they are very empathetic and show inspiring levels of persistence as well.

Assessing for Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect how a person processes information. As a neurological disability, the person may struggle with processes like learning, understanding, communication, or remembering information.

According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, adults with learning disabilities could have been born with it or they could have acquired it later in life.

Having learning disability tests done will identify the kind of learning disability you have. A diagnosis is given after a clinical review of the person’s developmental, educational, mental, and family history. Interviews may also be done with family and teachers to get a more well-rounded understanding of the person.

To find the most effective course of treatment and management of someone’s learning disabilities, it is imperative to go to the proper doctors licensed to evaluate and treat learning disabilities.

Having people supporting their emotional wellness can prove to be beneficial during this time. Medication and therapy are two ways to carry on living a fulfilling life with a learning disability.

Meaningful Careers That People with Learning Disabilities Can Thrive In

A healthy workplace for a person will do more than just improve the employee experience. It can provide a thriving environment for people, especially those with learning disabilities, to play on their strengths and build great careers for themselves.

A few great careers that can be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful for adults with learning disabilities include:

1. Entrepreneur

A strength many people with learning disabilities have is finding connections between ideas that other people wouldn’t normally see. This opens up a world of new ideas that can become a successful business.

Their trait of being able to see the bigger picture can take them far in life. Their persistence can give them the courage to face all kinds of challenges. And their empathy can make them excellent bosses.

2. Real Estate Mogul

If entrepreneurship isn’t your thing but you still see yourself building an empire, real estate may be for you. Barbara Corcoran, the name behind a billion-dollar real estate empire, credits her dyslexia for helping her be “more creative, more social, and more competitive.

3. Filmmaker

Allowing people with learning disabilities to tap into their creativity has led to incredible works of art. A predominantly visual field, save for the script and other administrative paper works, it can be an exciting career to pursue.

4. Actor

Highly regarded actors such as Octavia Spencer and Daniel Radcliffe have been candid about their learning disabilities. Octavia Spencer has dyslexia and Daniel Radcliffe has dyspraxia.

While it is a challenging industry to be in, be it in film, television, theatre, or musicals, it can be incredibly rewarding.

5. Inventor

Plenty of people with learning disabilities have incredible ideas and have enough persistence and perseverance to just make it work. If you enjoy being hands-on and creating, this could be a career path for you.

6. Designer

Plenty of people with learning disabilities lean towards more visual-focused careers. Fashion design, digital design, interior design, jewellery design, the possibilities are endless. Your visually creative brain can be your strongest asset.

12 Meaningful Careers for People with Learning Disabilities - Newslibre
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7. Artist

In the same vein, being an artist can be an incredible practice. And just like designers, you can be any kind of artist. You can be a sculptor, a fine artist, a digital artist, a comic book artist, an animator, you name it.

8. Author

Some people may be inclined to cultivate their creativity through words. Creating wonderful worlds and writing compelling characters. And while it may be a shock, famous authors like Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Max Brooks struggled with dyslexia yet have written such amazing pieces of literature.

9. Writer

Maybe fiction isn’t your thing. Maybe you prefer short-form prose, freelance writing, or anything else in the non-fiction category. If you have the skill for writing, it is worth something to look into.

10. Comedian

Being a person with learning disabilities can come with some interesting interactions and enthralling life stories. Some of these can be good material for a comedy skit or two.

11. Chef

In a very mentally stimulating environment, the life of a chef can be a very exciting career choice. Tapping into your creativity to create delicious dishes that could even be visually interesting can lead you to an interesting path in the food industry.

12. Counselor

Growing up with a learning disability can be challenging. You can easily empathize with people struggling. As a counsellor, you can provide care, comfort, and support for people just like you or those facing similar matters.

Living with a Learning Disability

Living with a learning disability can be frustrating. Some days you feel fine, some days you aren’t. However, many are able to find their place and grow.

Regardless of being called a “disability,” there are plenty of your strengths that you can focus on and develop. Find a career that helps you hone in on those strengths and make the most out of your life.


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