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7 Career Tips for Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Owing to smartphones, social media, and streaming, the entertainment industry is rapidly evolving, revolutionizing how people spend their free time. Due to the increasing demand for workers, the industry is intensely hiring. And it’s not only hiring folks looking to enter the silver screen.

Advertising, editing, management, and production are equally vital as the actors and actresses in theatres. Nevertheless, entering this industry is quite challenging. Yet, you can do it with talent, hard work, and following a few steps.

7 Tips on How to Enter the Entertainment Industry

1. Always Know Your “Why”

Essentially, many people want to enter the entertainment industry. And so, what’s your why? Many employers will ask you why and what you want to do there, so be prepared. Don’t be shy to get personal. Undoubtedly, use discernment while answering; only say what’s comfortable for you.

You can always rehearse beforehand. The Meisner technique can help you prepare mentally. You can get into character, practice what to say, and internalize it so that your story flows naturally when you approach the hiring panel.

2. Know the Content

Watch, listen and read whichever aspect or feature of the role you want to get and familiarize yourself with it as much as possible. Nevertheless, don’t put so much pressure on yourself; learning everything is impossible since so much content is available.

Develop an opinion or view about the content as you take in it. For example, be mindful of what you like. This will make for more interesting interviews and conversations. At the same time, read the news and learn more about the business.

3. Network

Start networking after you have a general idea of what you want to do. Come up with a list of helpful persons. Talk to your family and friends, try tapping into your alumni network and see if anyone knows some entertainment insiders. Also, look for organizations hosting industry conferences and networking events.

Remember that the most powerful individuals are the least helpful since they’re not clued into beginner-level jobs. The most resourceful persons are those a few years younger or older than you and have entry-level positions—they’ll know the openings and perhaps will be more sympathetic.

4. Try Landing Interviews the Correct Way

Consider networking as incentives: with a few exceptions (close friends, family), others have little motivation to help you, and they almost certainly won’t if you make excessive demands.

When requesting a meet-up, keep your request brief and respectful. Mention that you are a new graduate seeking employment in the entertainment industry.

Request a short phone conversation with your contact to learn about their job and experiences. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to receive their advice.

5. Ask Questions

People enjoy discussing themselves. Therefore, while interacting with a contact, inquire about their career. (This should also be your opportunity to raise any questions!) If they ask, feel free to be candid about your long-term goals.

It is reasonable to ask, “What beginner-level job should I seek if I want to become a casting director?” Even if they don’t know the answer, they may know a colleague or friend who does.

7 Career Tips for Breaking into the Entertainment Industry - Newslibre
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6. Keep in Contact

Most folks, including those who truly wish to help, are probably unable to assist you immediately. And so maintain contact. Send an email to your contacts every four weeks to maintain communication.

Also, send an article, an inquiry, or remark something pertinent you observed in the news. The more you keep in touch, the more doors you’ll keep open, and the better you’ll know which individuals will be future resources.

7. Keep Your Head High

A terrible reality of networking is that most people you speak with won’t help you. That’s OK. People have many demands on their attention and time, and they may not be able to assist you at this moment.

Remember that the more folks you meet, your prospects will be better, and your network will eventually pay off. And should you get a rejection, move on; it’s never that serious. However, don’t quit; keep searching.

Stick to A Few Essential Tips

You don’t need to adhere to a fixed set of rules to succeed. Sometimes all it takes is sticking to what you love doing. So, find which tips (in this article) work for you and perfect them. And while you’re at it, keep it natural. Most people always see through the lies that we sometimes try to sell.


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