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5 Important Need to Know Repair Tips for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Every 10,000 miles or so, most heavy-duty vehicles will need repair to prevent a breakdown. Frequent heavy-duty vehicle maintenance will help prevent the sudden breakdown that is likely to occur at this stage.

Here are five repair tips for heavy-duty vehicles that you should know.

1. Always stick to the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Whether you are repairing or replacing a part on a heavy-duty vehicle, it is critical to ensure that the new part used is OEM.

Before you embark on the repair or replacement of a part, you should check the manufacturer’s manual to ensure that you get the right replacement part. These are always identified by “Parts Number” designated by the manufacturer to help you get the right part.

However, the recommended parts may change from one model year to the other, thus the need to stay on top of any adjustments. Besides getting the right parts, heavy-duty vehicle drivers need to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule to make sure their truck works efficiently.

Heavy-duty workhorses are designed to carry out complex and tedious hauling of people and cargo. Hence the need to keep in perfect working condition all the time.

2. Carry Out Regular Preventative Maintenance Checks

To avoid breakdowns and keep your heavy-duty truck or SUV running smoothly, preventative maintenance is your best bet. Whether you are looking for Cummins ISX Engines for sale or just a family-friendly off-roader, you must ensure that you have all the components checked regularly.

Contact your dealer or your service manual to develop a customized preventative maintenance plan for your heavy-duty vehicle. These processes will include regular checking of fluid levels, change of fluid, checking tire pressures, inspecting the brakes, checking air filters, doing battery load tests, checking gearbox and clutch, and lighting.

3. Understand Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle

The first step to better management of your vehicle is understanding it very well yourself. This will help you do the preliminary troubleshooting and listen for errors or damages.

When you are driving your vehicle, you should be listening carefully to pick any strange sound that may emanate from your vehicle. Some minor damages may not be picked immediately by the display panel.

An in-depth understanding of your vehicle will also help you come up with a comprehensive maintenance program for your vehicle. You can do this by simply reading the machine’s equipment manual, which has been meticulously researched and documented to identify and repair any problem in the vehicle.

When developing a repair and maintenance plan, reading and understanding the manual should be a key component.

4. Always Consult with an Authorized Dealer or Service Shop

5 Important Need to Know Repair Tips for Heavy-Duty Vehicles - Newslibre
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Repairing your heavy-duty vehicle is a demanding and sensitive task. Since these workhorses handle very critical tasks in a company or home, you must ensure that your vehicle is serviced or repaired by an authorized service shop.

You should ensure that the staff at the shop are well trained and certified to handle the specific equipment or vehicle. This will reduce the risk and the chances of causing more damage to your heavy-duty vehicle.

Additionally, the complexity of the heavy-duty vehicle and their performance demand that they should be handled with care, especially when it comes to repairing and servicing their engines. An authorized service shop will have the right equipment and expertise for handling such machines, hence reducing the mistake or the risk of doing shoddy work on your truck.

5. Look for the Most Ideal Repair Fees

Before settling for a repair shop for your heavy-duty vehicle, you should compare fees from different shops. Check the repair costs at several shops and settle for the one that will not only be affordable but also offer high-quality services.

A good shop will have reasonable prices and have high-tech diagnostic equipment suitable for modern heavy-duty vehicles. Some heavy-duty automakers, like Ford, Toyota, Ram, among others have recommendations on their manual for service shops that provide OEM. This helps reduce the chances of getting a substandard job done on your vehicle.

Final Thought

For your heavy-duty vehicle to run with maximum efficiency, power routine maintenance and repair should be done to ensure all components are in good condition. Due to the nature of the work that heavy-duty trucks do, always ensure you repair using OEM parts recommended by the manufacturer.


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