Sacking of Managers: English Teams Rotating Failure 1

Sacking of Managers: English Teams Rotating Failure

For many of the football fans, football on the pitch is no longer the only race that is entertaining to watch in the game. This is simply because there is a new entrant; and that is the sacking of managers.

In the English Premier League, sacking managers by clubs seems to have taken a turn for all seriousness and this is worsening with each passing season.

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The competition in most of the top European teams has gotten so ripe that the need for the managers to perform to their very best is even getting harder, as these Clubs want to stay competitive.

English Teams Rotating Failure | Newslibre
Allan Pardew is another pedestrian manager in English Football

There is so much money floating around in football with the ever increasing fees coming in from broadcasting rights. And so many teams in English football find themselves fighting to stay in the league so as to be able to cash in on that money.

Some of the teams have had to change managers, but the most surprising thing is that 90% of these teams find themselves bringing in managers who have been fired from other teams. The best example here is Carlos Carvalhal who was fired by Sheffield Wednesday and a few weeks in, he was getting a sweet deal with Swansea City who are currently fighting to stay in the premier league.

English Teams Rotating Failure | Newslibre
Carlos was fired by Sheffield Wednesday and two weeks later was signed by a struggling Swansea City

West Ham United hired David Moyes who managed to take Sunderland back to relegation after he was sacked by Real Sociedad. For the Hammers, the good news is that he has so far performed, and helped them climb up on the table logs.

English Teams Rotating Failure | Newslibre
David Moyes is one of the managers who has not enjoyed a good spell ever since he left Everton for Manchester United

West Bromwich Albion on the other side found themselves hiring Allan Pardew after he had failed with Crystal Palace.

Generally, majority of these teams will continue to struggle in the league as long as they continue to hire managers who have just found themselves without jobs.

Watford manager Marco Silva is the latest victim of sacking in the English Premier League . Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to be having something that other managers don’t have given that he has retained his job despite failing to lift a major trophy.

Sacking of Managers: English Teams Rotating Failure 2

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