Is the Premier League Overrated? 1

Is the Premier League Overrated?

Moving among soccer fans and those that have watched the game for a while, comparisons of leagues will  always be a thing.

The English Premier League which is by far the most watched league in world football has always come under criticism from some the fans who have watched Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, Italian Series A among others.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 2
English Premier League is the most watched League in the world

To some of the fans, the Spanish League is the best league in the world and well according to some sporting associations, there are stats to back up this claim.

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But how about we look at this from a fans perspective.


Comparing the EPL to many other leagues around the world, the EPL has so much thrill given the high pace and strength put in the game.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 3
Harry Kane Spurs talisman is one of the players who brings thrill to EPL

With so many teams able to give such thrills, one would easily go with EPL. In Spain, the top 6 teams can give this thrill when they face off and probably some local derbies and same can be said about Italy and Germany.


In terms of competitiveness, the EPL still has an upper hand in this. So many mid table teams can give the top 4 or 6 from which ever corner you viewing it (Arsenal fans say here here!) competition. Recently we saw Leicester city win the EPL from nowhere, which we are yet to see in La Liga, Bundesliga or Series A.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 4
Marco Reus is one of the best players in Bundesliga


When it comes to technique of playing with the ball, Spain rules in the department with so many players displaying individual technique and managers being able to deploy some tactics that are just masterful. This somehow explains why Spanish teams have had an upper hand in the Champions League.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 5

Is the Premier League Overrated? 6
Milan Derby featuring Suso of AC Milan



The English media has managed to market potential players into what one would call world class players but actual truth is that the real talent is coming from other leagues and in most cases, these talents have come to light up the EPL the likes of Aguero, Sanchez, Coutinho, David Silva, Martial, Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Kante the man who can protect the entire world by himself.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 7
Cristiano Ronaldo probably one of the most talented players in the world.

La Liga has some of the most talented players in the world and also explains why they have the most World Player of the Year awards.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 8
Arguably the player whom most consider most talented in the world with a sleek left foot


The EPL is the most entertaining league in the world with almost each game able to keep you at the edge of your seat. While other leagues will give you mild entertainment but still give moments of shire brilliance.

All in all, depending on how you watch the games and what you look at out for, the different leagues serve us the fans different menus and it’s upon you the fan to choose what you want to go with.

Is the Premier League Overrated? 9
Entertainment doesn’t get further than Spanish La Liga

Don’t ask me which league I go with because I will simply tell you that I watch all leagues in the world as long as I have the time and each is beautiful. Yes I even watch Brazilian Series A not so much of Major League Soccer though, they still have a lot to learn.

Probably my best league is Ugandan Premier League because of the off the pitch drama. But let’s keep this for another day shall we?

Is the Premier League Overrated? 10

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