Naby Keita injured playing for Guinea in the international break.

International Break: A League Football Fan’s Nightmare

A quick-witted football fan once said, “Once the season fixtures drop, look out for the International breaks first before your most anticipated games.” The International Break is a period gazetted by FIFA where National Teams play games during a season. During this time clubs are obliged to release players so that they feature for their National teams unless they are injured.

Major Leagues in Europe and others across the World bolstered by a vast of foreign talent take a pause this time. This pause in League football is what most fans hate, it makes them curse the International break from its beginning to its end. This also breaks the rhythm of the team.

Imagine a team has been on a winning streak but some of their top players lose games during the break hence carrying the bad attitude back home which could affect the all team.

There is also another case of injuries: sometimes a player goes out to represent his country only to get a nasty injury in a game prevents them from featuring in the club level games.

These injuries sustained during this time are at the expense of the clubs as the National teams never put in any contributions to rehabilitate these players back to full fitness.

Such injuries make fans very pissed since most times it is their darling player hence they wont see him for a while and also by the time of his return, he will need time to get at the same level with the others.

Fans also hate the sight of players who haunt them in the League and those from rival clubs in the National team jersey in that they have to root for them. It always creates a conflict of interest since one would want whats good from the National Team but not for the particular player.

International breaks also include long distances of travels by some players from the Americas, Africa and Asia and on reaching the scheduled places where the games are to take place, the playing surfaces are times of poor quality.

This causes travel and surface related fatigue to players which highly affects their performance when they return to play for their clubs. Some players are also played out of their favourite position by their National Teams, this always reduces their confidence which usually takes them a few games to bring on their A-game again.

Though some fans tend to watch these National Team games so as to see their favourite players, the quality of football is usually lower than that of League football most especially when a big team is playing a minnow for example the Belgium v. San Marino game which was played over the weekend.

Players tend to play sparingly in International friendlies hence not giving the viewers the usual entertaining quality football they are used to in League football.

At the end of it all, there are two types fans: those who hate the International Break and those who absolutely hate the International Break.

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International Break: A League Football Fan’s Nightmare 1

Author: Katende Basajjabaka

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