South African Teenagers Build A Plane In 10 Days 1

South African Teenagers Build A Plane In 10 Days

Twenty South African teenagers who knew absolutely nothing about aviation have built their own plane and are flying it from Cape Town to Cairo, Egypt.

With the support of U-Dream Global, an NGO, the teenagers built different parts of the plane including the fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilisers. Agnes Keamogestwe Seemela built the wings, centre fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizers that are very integral parts of the body on the plane.

For the teenagers, they never imagined that the plane would fly because they thought that it was just a model that they would build for fun.

Resego Moroka, an 18 year old young was in charge of building the cockpit, while 16-year-old Lesego Ngoasheng who built the tail of the plane. Lesego talks about how there is so much stereotype about youth and to them, the teenagers building a plane was just a dream and it was going to fail.

South African Teenagers Build A Plane In 10 Days 2
The teenagers built the plane in just 10 days and are now set to fly it to Cairo

The youth found it difficult to build the plane because they had to read instructions from engineering manuals and given that many of them weren’t really in any field of aviation, it would be a while with one of them joking that you would need a 3D type of brain to read the manuals.

South African Teenagers Build A Plane In 10 Days 3
For most of the teenagers, all they knew about aviation was piloting.

For some, working in teams was something that they weren’t accustomed to but then they quickly realised that in order for the project to be successful, they needed to adjust and learn how to work with others.

According to one of the team members, she had always wanted to be a commercial pilot but this experience has opened her eyes to the fact that there is more to aviation than what she had imagined. While another beckons that if they could build an aeroplane, then others can also go ahead to build space ships.

The young teenagers’ impressive work was discovered by BBC.


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South African Teenagers Build A Plane In 10 Days 4

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