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Microsoft Just Made it Easier to Buy a Windows 11 License

Microsoft has made an exciting change to how users can easily buy a Windows 11 license without having to go through the long process of upgrading from Windows 10 first as earlier experienced, the company confirmed.

According to Microsoft, the change occurred in May 2022, however, due to limited press coverage or communication, many missed out on the update and have been struggling with the method of going through the Windows 10 upgrade as noted.

For quite a number of users, Windows 11 either came preinstalled on the new machines they had purchased or became available as an upgrade for their existing machines. Since its launch in October 2021, there was no way to buy a license on Microsoft’s web pages.

DIY (Do It Yourself) users who wanted to install Windows 11 directly on their machines had to download a copy of Windows 10 first before being able to upgrade to the new OS in the first few months of its release but now that has changed.

According to PCMag, buying a Windows 11 license became available sometime in May with Microsoft making it easy to get the licensed versions through their updated web pages. Now, if you click on the Get Windows 11 link under “Want Windows 11 on your custom-built PC? you’re taken to a license purchase page for Windows 11 Home.

At the moment, there’s no option to buy the Pro version with the Home edition the only one available for purchase on the Microsoft web pages but there’s another way to do so.

How much does Windows 11 cost?

When you visit the home pages, you realise you can add the Windows Home version to the cart for download at the price of $139, which represents no price increase over the equivalent Home version of Windows 10. However, if you’re looking for the Pro version, you won’t find it there.

To get your hands on the Pro version of the operating system, it’s only possible under another page on the Microsoft website. Win 11 Pro is available for $199.99 which is the same price as Windows 10 Pro.

Microsoft Just Made it Easier to Buy a Windows 11 License - Newslibre

The ability to purchase a Windows 11 license should save PC builders time, who will no longer need to get it via the previous OS upgrade which some didn’t really like.

Before installing the OS, you should know that a processing speed of at least 1GHz, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a minimum nine-inch 720p display are some of the key requirements for you to install Windows 11 on your computer.

It has also been confirmed that the current downloads run on build number 21H2, and users should receive a notification when 22H2 is ready to download.


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Microsoft Just Made it Easier to Buy a Windows 11 License 1

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