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Apple’s New Ad Claims That You No Longer Need This iPhone Accessory

Having spent millions of dollars coming up with their thin, sleek, and aesthetically designed iPhones, Apple released a new short ad that seeks to only strengthen the confidence in its products.

The ad, which some have referred to as smart marketing by Apple wants to counter popular perception about its iPhones being so easily breakable if they are not kept in strong plastic phone cases. The ad also caters for those who prefer carrying their iPhones without said cases.

For a while now, it has been a popular perception by many that if you want your iPhone to last longer, then you better get it a strong phone case or else you stand a chance at losing more in repair costs given how much their devices often cost.

However, Apple wants to end this long perceived notion by emphasizing how strong and well-built their iPhone products are which means, Apple’s Ceramic Shield glass really is as tough as they claim it to be and provides four times as much drop protection as the previous models.

In the ad, Apple showcases that a fall from a high table shouldn’t be a worry for any users with an uncased iPhone 13, and maybe, just maybe, phone cases aren’t that necessary anymore. Check out the ad below;

Are you better off not having a phone case for your iPhone anymore?

Well, Apple is not saying that you’re completely protected from major falls but rather it seeks to emphasize through its ad that the durability of its products is one of its main concerns as a phone manufacturer.

However, even though phone durability is a major selling factor for many consumers, deep down in our souls we all know it will be very difficult to let go of our phone cases. Of course, there are those who don’t bother much about phone cases or having broken screens since they can always buy another one or replace with it the next new model if they want.

Regardless, this doesn’t make Apple’s new ad ineffective but it rather makes a strong point for durability meaning that even though you have a phone case, your gadget is less likely to break given the already strong protection awarded to the product itself which is a very good thing.

So, at the end of the day, Apple is not saying that phone cases are a waste of money since it knows no matter how bold its ad is, the vast majority of people won’t ditch their phone cases. But, consumers will now worry less about damaging their phones since they know their devices are more durable.

What are your thoughts on phone cases, do you think they are not worth having any more or should remain a standard for now?


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