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China Blocks Social Media Against Removal of Presidential Term Limits

The government in China is interested in abolishing presidential term limits, news of which has caused a downpour of memes since Sunday evening especially the ones from Winnie the Pooh.

Apparently, President Xi Jinping resembles Winnie the Pooh, we had never realised this until recent social media memes some of which show Winnie the Pooh with a crown and seated on a throne. This was the public’s negative reaction to the committee’s announcement.

In China, a president and his vice only serve two consecutive terms of 5 years each. The Party’s Central Committee proposed to amend the that section of the constitution according to the state news agency, Xinhua and authorities will vote on it in March.


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Some are likening the nation’s direction to be similar to their neighbor North Korea, which has been under the leadership of the Kim family since the 1940’s.

The Chinese government was quick to censor social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat; and filter out posts or discussions online with words like emperor, re-elected, constitution amendment and term limit.

In recent years, Uganda abolished presidential term limits and its neighbours Kenya and Rwanda put forward bills to do the same but this is the first time a major global power seeks to alter constitutional law for party benefit.


Source: The Verge

China Blocks Social Media Against Removal of Presidential Term Limits 1

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