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6 Ways Automated Texts Can Positively Grow Your Small Business Quickly

Automated texts can save you time and also lead to business growth. Consumers are always looking for an easier way to engage with businesses. Younger generations especially prefer texting or online messaging like email rather than calling into a support line.

Modernizing your business to reflect the needs of consumers today can improve your sales and reputation in the industry. Consider these six amazing ways automated texts can grow your small business.

6 Ways How Automated Texts Lead to Business Growth

1. Streamlines communication

Automated texts save you time rather than requiring you to type and send the same message manually to multiple people. Many businesses are including texts along with their regular email communications, getting more information to interested consumers faster and in a variety of ways.

You’ll also have an easier time keeping everyone on the team informed about required meetings and even emergencies. Scheduling messages saves you time during the day, giving you more opportunities to work on the business rather than planning communications.

2. Builds customer loyalty

Texting is preferred by many consumers to phone calls and voicemails. A consumer is more likely to read a text rather than answer the phone to hear an automated sales speech. Consumers want quick and easy communication that gets them what they need fast.

Automated texts expand your company’s reach and keep consumers interested with fast replies and helpful answers. Your business can build a reputation for quick responses that encourage referrals and build your consumer base. Constant engagement allows your business to be accessible even if no one is in the office.

3. Drives more sales

The speed and ease of your business’ communications directly tie into your sales. Automated texts allow you to respond in seconds, providing interested consumers with the information they need to use your services.

When consumers are looking for a product, they may sort through dozens if not hundreds of options for the business that best piques their interest. By receiving a text, your business has already jumped one hurdle, but it’s up to your communication style and timeliness to make the sale. Faster responses lead to higher conversion rates and an overall more successful business.

4. Minimizes unnecessary human interaction

6 Ways Automated Texts Can Grow Your Small Business Quickly - Newslibre
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As a small to midsize business, your employees likely have several responsibilities to manage during the day. You can improve their productivity and minimize unpleasant tasks by using automated texts that give consumers the option to solve their problems without calling in.

This is especially helpful if they have questions about the company or an issue with their product that concerns the warranty or shipment tracking. Your employees can manage a consumer’s concerns easily through texting and without the added pressure of maintaining their composure in the face of difficult consumers.

5. Improves feedback process

Many brands and businesses send out email surveys to get feedback on recently used services. Sending out automated texts conveniently catches consumers when they’re on the run. They may have a few minutes while they’re on the bus or shopping around.

A text is also a convenient way to compile feedback data from both consumers and employees. Feedback is an essential part of improving a business to better represent consumers and draw in new sales. The lacklustre response to an email survey shouldn’t discourage your efforts to better the business through applicable comments and suggestions.

6. Provides better marketing

Text marketing is an inspirational way to inform consumers of sales and new product launches. Innovative marketing techniques lead to more business and a larger consumer base. You can test the layout, style and timing of your texts to determine when consumers are more receptive and what they want to see.

You can also send out coupons, deals and even birthday codes that will prompt consumers to check out your products. Automated texts are an innovative way of making your business more approachable to consumers, who will rely on regular texts for product updates and news.


Every small business can experience amazing benefits and growth when utilizing automated texts. Keep your employees informed and happy by focusing their efforts on important tasks in the office rather than answering the phone for small issues.

Impress consumers with constant engagement and an easy sales and feedback process. Modernize your small business by utilizing automated texts for your promotional materials and customer service.


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