5 Ways Your Windshield Can Crack When Parked

5 Ways Your Car’s Windshield Can Crack When Parked

The exterior has many threats that could damage your car when parked on the streets, and they are sometimes hard to avoid. Keeping an eye on your car most of the time is not simple, but with reliable information, you can prevent accidents from happening.

Occasionally, you will find a chip or a crack on your windshield without any logical reason, but the most common threats are always sneaky. These ways your windshield can crack when parked will give you a better understanding of how this could have happened.

Birds Flying Into It

Birds are very agile and skilled when flying, but their vision sometimes plays tricks on them, or they find unexpected things on the way. Birds tend to fly into house windows and car windshields because they are clear and hard to spot. While parking under a tree offers good shade, it leaves your car exposed to bird droppings and birds flying into your windshield.

Construction Vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles carry oversized objects that usually stick out through the truck’s front or back. When driving, they must alert other drivers to keep their distance in case something slips and falls off the truck; however, when construction vehicles are parked, that changes. Drivers will sometimes back up with the truck without realizing how close the object is to a car and hit it, causing a small chip or crack in the other vehicle’s windshield.

Constant Exposure to the Sun

Sun causes damage to different materials when left exposed for long and constant periods; you can look at window curtains and see the clear effect. Heat will cause weakness, color damage, and alteration to the glue from a windshield, exposing it to cracks and damage. Small cracks are occasionally not dangerous, but it’s necessary to know if you need to repair or replace a windshield with the help of professionals.

Weather Conditions

Depending on where you live, the weather conditions might get to extreme levels where wind or rain could damage your car. Leaving your car outside during a storm is always risky because you don’t know what will hit your vehicle. If possible, always park your car inside the garage and stay alert during intense weather. Rocks, falling branches, debris, and other factors could crack your windshield when parked.

Cutting the Grass

Machines like a lawn mower or a weedwhacker will catapult small objects on the ground, and these objects could hit your windshield at great speeds. If you know the gardeners are coming to work on the exterior, park your car safely; if you take care of the lawn, always stay away from your car. Best practices will keep your car safe and ready whenever you need it.


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5 Ways Your Car's Windshield Can Crack When Parked 1

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