Regular Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow 1

Regular Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

If you neglect to have your car serviced, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to experience trouble. Poorly maintained vehicles are far more likely to break down. Here are a few important car maintenance tips to remember.

Always Change the Oil on Time

To keep your vehicle running strong for years to come, always prioritize changing the oil on time. Failing to do so can definitely lead to accelerated engine wear. The internal parts of the engine need to be properly lubricated at all times. Fortunately, most newer vehicles come equipped from the factory with an oil life monitor. This convenient feature analyzes several factors to determine when the oil needs to be changed, including your driving habits and climate.

Maintain Your Battery

Although many car batteries are promoted as being “maintenance free” by manufacturers, this isn’t necessarily the case. Even the best batteries need a little upkeep. To ensure a good connection, it’s advisable to periodically clean the battery posts. Just a small amount of corrosion can cause charging problems, thus making your vehicle more difficult to start. Scrubbing the terminals with a 50/50 mix of baking soda and water will neutralize the acid.

Keep the Tires in Shape

The condition of your tires impacts braking, handling, and traction. If you start to notice uneven tread wear, there’s a good chance your car is in need of a wheel alignment. Your vehicle may also become difficult to steer in a straight line. According to All German Auto, it’s just as important to maintain the proper air pressure. Not only do underinflated tires wear out sooner, but they’re also more prone to experiencing a blowout.

Inspect the Drive Belts

Your vehicle’s drive belts gradually weaken over time. Although modern drive belts can easily last for 40,000 miles or more, there are some signs that indicate excessive wear. Cracks in the rubber, glazing and fraying are a few of the telltale signs the belt needs to be replaced. If the old belt suddenly snaps while you’re driving, you’ll likely need to call for a tow.

Routinely check the Coolant Level

Every so often, be sure to check your car’s coolant level. A drop in coolant indicates a leak somewhere in the system. When there’s not enough coolant circulating through the engine, overheating becomes a serious concern.


Take the necessary steps to maintain your vehicle. It will last longer and deliver more dependable performance. The extra sense of security is well worth it.


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Regular Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow 2

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