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ANC Wants Jacob Zuma Out of Office

President Jacob Zuma isn’t happy with decision undertaken by African National Congress (ANC) after the ruling by the party gave him an ultimatum to resign by the end of the day or face a parliamentary vote of no confidence on Thursday.

The 75-year-old has come under increasing pressure to resign amid numerous allegations of corruption. But he said the ANC had failed to explain why he had been recalled.

In a lengthy, unannounced, interview with national broadcaster SABC, Mr Zuma made no reference to the early morning police raids and arrests at the home of his close associates, the wealthy, Indian-born Gupta family.

The Guptas have been accused of using their close friendship with the president to wield enormous political influence. Both parties deny all allegations of wrongdoing.

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ANC Wants Jacob Zuma Out of Office - Newslibre
The Gupta family’s walled compound in Johannesburg was sealed off during the police raid. – Newslibre (Image credit EPA)

Mr Zuma stressed that he was not defying the ANC but he disagreed with its decision to ask him to resign.

“It was very unfair to me that this issue is raised,” he said. “Nobody has ever provided the reasons. Nobody is saying what I have done.”

Mr Zuma’s decision to cling on to power has put him at odds with South Africa’s deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC’s new leader and his expected successor.

President Zuma told SABC he had offered to go after June, but objected to the way the issue was currently being handled.

As tensions continue to build, its just a matter of time before Mr. Zuma has to face the hot seat as his presidency comes to a sudden end.

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Source: BBC

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