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5 Ways Doctors Can Make Kids More Comfortable

When a child visits a doctor, it can seem a lot scarier than it does for an adult. Kids can be uncertain about what to expect, making them distrustful of a medical practitioner. But you can put them at ease by learning these five ways doctors can make kids more comfortable.

Have Spaces That Appeal to Children

One way to make children less nervous is by creating spaces that will appeal to them. For example, add an area in your waiting room where the kids can read books, play with toys, and even draw pictures. Adding cushy chairs and comfortable colours to the walls will also make them feel safer.

Be Friendly When You Meet Them

Interacting with children differently than adults is another way doctors can make kids more comfortable. For example, visiting an eye doctor can be especially difficult for kids because the words and devices are unfamiliar to them, whereas adults understand the purpose of the visit. Using friendly terminology and being respectful are two things eye doctors must remember to do when performing a pediatric eye exam.

Introduce yourself by getting down physically on their level and being friendly. You should get to know them and learn what they like, such as their favourite TV show, movie, or musical artist. Friendly conversation is a good way to break the ice.

Describe What You Will Do

When the time comes that you must perform a procedure on the little one, make sure you tell them what you plan to do. Describe it by using language at their level so that they can better understand why you are doing it and how it is necessary to their health. Communication will make them more cooperative.

Praise Them for Being Brave

Getting a shot or having a doctor look in one’s eyes and ears can be a scary experience for a child. So, when they show their cooperation despite their fear, make sure you praise them for their courage. Kind words will make them feel you appreciate their behaviour and bravery. Your kindness might even help make you their favourite doctor!

Give Them a Gift Before They Go

When the visit ends, give them a goodbye gift as a reward for their efforts. This gift can be a sticker, a small toy, or even a snack that may have them looking forward to their next visit instead of dreading it.

These tips can help make young patients much calmer when they come to you for treatment. You’ll make the experience easier for them and their parents, who will praise their little ones for being so well-mannered during their visit.


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