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You Can Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams If You Use These 6 Strategies

One of the biggest challenges that traditional teams face is transitioning to a remote or hybrid team. No matter what steps you take to transition, it can still be a challenge for some employees and will force them to deal with a set of social dynamics they’re not used to.

Here are six strategies to help employees engage and succeed with their new team members on Hybrid Teams.

1. Create a Culture of Mutual Respect

The first step in creating a culture of mutual respect is recognizing and valuing differences. Employees should act with kindness and courtesy when interacting with coworkers, avoid derogatory language, and try to find a solution through compromise.

According to a Predictive Index report, mutual respect begins with a zero-tolerance policy against disrespect. It is also vital to note when someone is acting disrespectfully and work to prevent it from happening. Other strategies to create a culture of mutual respect for hybrid teams include establishing a formal process to integrate new team members.

In one pharmaceutical company, managers set up “peer buddies,” where an experienced colleague connects twice weekly with a new employee to discuss their interests and address common questions.

2. Create an Inclusive Environment for All Employees

To create a diverse and inclusive workplace, start with a list of employee demographics. You might be surprised to learn that a single employee from the same background can be as effective as four from a different demographic.

However, some employees will not be able to take advantage of flexible working arrangements due to their race or gender. You need to understand that each employee has different perspectives and strengths, so ensure that you include everyone.

3. Provide Positive Feedback on Employee Performance

Human beings thrive where they feel they are appreciated. As an employee engagement strategy for hybrid teams, you can start by establishing norms that encourage human interaction. It helps to ask employees about their preferences and boundaries to ensure everyone feels involved.

You can also ask your employees to share their opinions and feelings about their work in a survey. The data can tell if your employees are happy, not just saying they are. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are likely to feel more motivated and engaged at work.

Employees deserve nothing but the best. This will make them want to stay in the company, which ultimately benefits their bottom line.

4. Be Flexible

Be flexible with schedules and communication styles based on where people are from/what their experience has been so far at work (i.e., don’t expect someone who has never been given autonomy before to suddenly become an expert consultant overnight).

For example, if someone comes from a culture where collaboration is encouraged but isn’t necessarily required, try giving them autonomy over some aspects of the project.

5. Encourage Team-Building Exercises

You Can Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams If You Use These 6 Strategies - Newslibre
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One of the key strategies to engage employees in hybrid teams is to encourage them to come together in person as often as possible. Although this type of work can be done virtually, meetings can help employees form bonds and feel invested in the team’s mission.

People aren’t just cogs in the machine but have real feelings, fears, and concerns. Managers should keep this in mind as they move forward with hybrid work.

In hybrid work environments, it’s crucial to integrate new team members. Some managers arrange facilitated discussions with new team members to discuss their working styles, preferences, and roles within the group.

6. Have Regular Team Meetings

One of the most effective ways to increase employee engagement in hybrid teams is to hold regular team meetings. By holding regular team meetings, you can help employees understand what is expected of them and how their work fits into the more comprehensive picture.

By conducting these meetings, you can also foster internal team rapport and camaraderie. To increase employee engagement you can also hire corporate event entertainment to liven up your meetings, events, and work parties. Lastly, you can use virtual team lunches to help boost employee engagement and trust, which can help employees feel a greater sense of purpose and ownership in the company’s success.


These tips will work for any blend of on-site and remote employees and can help you overcome the challenges of working within a hybrid team. Implementing these strategies will increase employee engagement, build camaraderie, and improve productivity.


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You Can Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams If You Use These 6 Strategies 1

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