Twitter Set to Introduce Upvote and Downvote to Tweets - Newslibre

Twitter Set to Introduce Upvote and Downvote to Tweets

Social Media giant Twitter is in the process of introducing new features to its App and web services. The Tech company is planning to introduce Upvote and Downvote to its platforms.

Twitter has been working hard to improve its social media platform. Whether it’s providing a paid membership option that supposedly includes a “undo” button or maybe permanently removing the Fleets from the app, the corporation has been busy.

According to AndroidPolice, the platform has been constantly expanding over the year to provide a one-of-a-kind social network that consumers like. The new upvote and downvote options for Tweet replies are being tested in a new Twitter beta.

A new Twitter beta test adds explicit upvote and downvote choices for answers, albeit only time will tell if these features are made available to a wider audience. Twitter’s support account claims that the app is testing this interface with a small group of iOS users.

There are three alternative options, including regular up and down arrows and thumbs, as well as a strange choice that combines the present “Like” heart and a downvote icon. Only upvotes will be visible to the broader audience, and they will not appear on solitary tweets (as a liked tweet). Downvotes are now buried behind a veil of secrecy.

Twitter Set to Introduce Upvote and Downvote to Tweets - Newslibre
Upvote and Downvote could be set to become the new features for Twitter. (Image Credit: the Verge)

When will Twitter make the new features available for the users?


The social media company was also quick to note that these are merely just tests for research purposes. The Upvote and Downvote will not act as Dislike buttons. According to the company, the Downvotes will only be visible to the sender of the vote and that they won’t change the order of the votes.

“This isn’t quite a dislike button. In this research experiment, the thumbs down icon is a down vote that lets us know that you think the reply isn’t relevant to the conversation. We want to better understand the types of replies you do and don’t find relevant in a conversation” Said Twitter in a response to one of the users who was getting clarity.

However, the new features being tested by from the company have drawn attention to some of the competitors and users who believe that the Bird app is copying features from platforms like Reddit that have been using Upvote and Downvote for a long time.  As Reddit was seen replying to the developments posted on Twitter Support account

Twitter Set to Introduce Upvote and Downvote to Tweets - Newslibre
Reddit cheekily respond to Twitter’s new feature suggestions. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Twitter is also testing a Dislike button that will be attached to different either original tweets or replies to counter only the like buttons that they have had for a long time on the platform.


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