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SafeBoda Could Lose More Users Due to Its New Terms and Conditions Policy

Ride-hailing app SafeBoda recently revealed its new terms and conditions that you must accept before you proceed to use the app and also made changes to its privacy policy, which you are free to accept or reject and still risk losing access to the app regardless.

Honestly, the new policies are what we would describe as a direct stab in the back, as SafeBoda has completely made it clear that it will no longer be liable for any damages caused as a result of using the company’s services like transportation and delivery of goods.

It also clarified in the terms and conditions that it is not a transportation or delivery company and therefore, it’s not liable for any damages that incur while using its service.

In one of our recent articles, we talked about how SafeBoda could lose out on the Ugandan market soon, and reasons why it’s in the state it is in right now with reports showing an eventual collapse soon.

When SafeBoda started, one could predict a promising future for the app despite having a rough start, and at one point, it was one of the best e-hailing services around Kampala with so many riders clad in the orange helmets that represent its brand. But now, the company is living in the glory of its former self.

SafeBoda, which at one time launched a promotion about its ability to offer transportation and delivery services have changed its stance on the matter. Based on its new terms of use, it only allows users to identify suppliers of transportation, delivery services, food and any other products on its platform. It does not offer the mentioned services but rather acts as a means for people to access them.

The shift in policy could affect the service more dearly than it expects, and in the long run, it could find itself in a compromising position when its competitors like Uber and Bolt decide to capitalise on this.

What do the new terms and conditions affect SafeBoda users?

For starters, the new TOCs strongly emphasize how SafeBoda will not be responsible for the actions of any service providers while using their services. For example, if you place an order for food through their application and it’s not delivered or it’s not of standard, you can’t make a complaint.

If you suffer any damages or incur a loss of goods due to an accident or theft, SafeBoda won’t be liable, and you won’t be able to place a complaint to them either as stated in their new terms and conditions. Basically, don’t expect any remedy from the company.

SafeBoda Could Lose More Users Due to Its New Terms and Conditions Policy - Newslibre
The new SafeBoda TOCs send shock waves through the online community. (Image credit: Tech Rafiki)

In response to this, the company has advised its users to exercise proper judgment when using the platform as it will not intervene in any disputes that may arise between a user and a service provider like it did in the past when the company had open lines of communications.

It is important to note that the term service provider refers to riders, restaurants and eating places, pharmacies and grocery stores that provide products through the application.

Right now, as a user, it’s upon you to choose a service provider that you feel you can trust to deliver services. And whatever happens between you and them is entirely not SafeBoda’s problem anymore.

According to the new TOCs, SafeBoda will also not be liable to physical damage, bodily injuries, death, emotional distress and discomfort while using its service.

Recently, WhatsApp did a similar move with its privacy policy that forced it to take a step back after users expressed their concerns about its new policies forcing many to take on other options like Telegram and Signal as both apps experienced a surge of new users.

If SafeBoda doesn’t pick a leaf from this, the company could find itself in another deep hole since many have already expressed concern about their new TOCs.


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SafeBoda Could Lose More Users Due to Its New Terms and Conditions Policy 1

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