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10 Tips You Should Consider Before Traveling with Your Pet

Nothing can be more wonderful than a holiday trip where you and your loved ones enjoy precious moments of relaxation. You may even want to bring your pet along, but you’ll need to consider a few things.

Your to-do list and all those important details may be much longer when you have your pet with you on vacation, but that doesn’t mean your holiday will be less enjoyable. Planning for your trip can go a long way to keep your pets safe and comfortable while on the go.

Tips for Bringing Your Pet on a Road Trip

Planning a road trip? Here are some great ways to prep your furry friend.

1. Talk to your vet and secure health documents

Bring your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup before going on an extended trip, making sure that all your pet’s vaccinations and documents are up-to-date. In case your pet gets sick while on the road, health professionals will have an easier time treating your pet if they know his/her medical history. Know and understand how to prevent your pet’s car sickness, too.

2. Go on practice runs with your pet

Allow your pets to get used to the car by having them sit in with you and explore the vehicle. Once your pets start to become familiar with the vehicle, try taking them on short errands or trips to ensure they’re comfortable in the new environment. Reward them with treats after each short trip.

3. Keep your pets safe and secure in the back seats

For everyone’s safety, see to it that your pets are comfortable behind a pet barrier, inside a travel crate, or with a pet seatbelt throughout the drive. Free-moving pets inside your vehicle can be dangerous to your driving.

It’s best to keep your pets in the back seat of the vehicle. See to it that your pet’s head is not sticking out of an open window to avoid any untoward incidents and distractions.

4. Have enough pet supplies and make frequent stops

Feed your pet lightly and have a steady supply of water to keep your furry companion hydrated throughout the long drive. Stop frequently for rest, exercise, and potty breaks. Give your pets ample time to walk to make them more comfortable and ready for the long journey ahead.

Tips for Boating Safely with Your Pet

Want to get your boat out and head for a pet-friendly lake? From basking in the warm sunshine and enjoying the breeze to more quality time and dynamic outdoor plays, there are lots of benefits of taking your pet on boating adventures. Consider these top safety tips for a smooth boating trip.

10 Tips You Should Consider Before Traveling with Your Pet - Newslibre
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1. Let your pet visit the boat before the trip

Before taking your pets out on the water, let them explore the boat while it is safely docked or while it sits on a trailer. Pay attention to how your pets behave onboard and see if they can adjust to the new environment.

2. Bring the right type of life jacket

The right life jacket for everyone, including your pets, is crucial to any boat trip. Even if your pet is a good swimmer, there are just too many risks, such as the water currents being too strong. See to it that your pet’s life jacket has handles, can keep your pet’s head above water, and is comfortable enough for your pet to move around.

3. Pack a complete set of pet supplies, first aid kit, and other essentials

Keep your pets well hydrated and bring the appropriate sunscreen and insect repellant. Ensure that your first aid kit has pet-specific supplies suitable for minor and major injuries, seasickness, and other illnesses that may happen while your pets are on the water.

Tips for Flying with Your Pet on a Plane

Travelling with pets via aeroplane comes with a lot of requirements and restrictions. Here’s how you and your pet can make the most out of your flight.

1. Know all rules and get health certifications

Bring all the necessary documents stating that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that your pet is healthy for travel. The rules may not be the same for all airlines—from the weight and size requirements to the dos and don’ts. Before flying out, check with your airline for further restrictions that may apply to your flight.

2. Prepare your pet pre-flight

Feed your pet lightly on flight day, and do it several hours before the trip to avoid getting into potty mishaps while you’re en route. Take your pets out for a walk that will make them tired enough to take an in-flight nap. Set up a comfortable spot in the plane for your furry companion, or try to pick a seat near the front of the aircraft if your pet is flying in the plane’s cargo section.

10 Tips You Should Consider Before Traveling with Your Pet - Newslibre
Photo by Lisa Fotios/Pexels

3. Find airport dog zones and prepare for check-in and security

Research the locations of special dog zones in the airports where you’re going. Be at the airport early for your check-in and have your pet go with you through security. Meanwhile, the carrier will have to go through the conveyor belt and get scanned.

If you have enough time during a layover, give your pets the chance to relieve themselves before hopping on to the next flight. See to it that you have enough toys and treats to get your pet through a long flight.

Travel Smart, Plan for Your Pets

Making smart travel plans can help you and your pet navigate each phase of the journey—no matter the distance or mode of your travel. Keep these tips in mind to properly care for your pet and make the adventure as stress-free as possible.

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