Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala

Many Ugandans do obsess about wealth and often we talk about some of the places where the wealthiest people dwell. Often characterized by well-tarmacked roads, fences, very organized, clean, expensive cars, mansions and really really rich people!

Here is our list of what we believe to be the wealthiest residential areas in Kampala, even the air there smells different lol:

Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala

1. Muyenga

Most people know Muyenga and it’s true, it’s not for the ones without a “gold” heart. It is strategic, only 30 minutes from town and on the hill, the famous “Tank hill”. It is losing its glory to other upcoming and better residential areas but certain factors maintain its pedigree.

Some popular names such as the IGP Kale Kayihura, Rebecca Kadaga, the minister for transport and roads, Kirumira, Kisozi and several other high profile people not forgetting the hotels, offices, high rent and high land value.

This is your typical definition of the richest neighbourhoods in Kampala. Picture a Ugandan Beverly Hills of the sort.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

2. Kololo

Kololo could easily have displaced Muyenga but with the new expansion of Kampala city, the need for space has pushed businesses to buy most of the spots there. It is still very much residential though.

It is in the city, a few minutes from the city centre has an airstrip and crazy expensive to own a house there. Mostly foreign diplomats stay there. We’re quite sure but many can name at least 10 friends staying there, don’t feel bad that’s good – ‘cause that’s how the richest neighbourhoods tend to be.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

3. Ntinda

Who would have thought that the once small town of Ntinda known mostly for its bars, police HQ in Naguru and now several large malls would become one of the biggest neighbourhoods in Kampala?

Naguru and Najjera have slowly come in to dine with the notorious Ntinda Ministers’ Village which gets its name from once upon a time several civil workers like ministers and MPs.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

4. Munyonyo

Munyonyo is mostly known for the mega Speke Resort owned by Sudhir Rupharelia and it has a very beautiful lake view adjacent from Ggaba. Many wealthy people stay there and they are not the kind everyone knows; they might be mafias for all we know.

The good news is that Wavamuno and Sudhir have very expensive and posh houses there. Moving through Munyonyo gives you the vibe it is not even in Uganda but verdict, it’s beautiful.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

5. Buziga

Buziga might be less known because it is often mistaken to be a part of Ggaba. It has been around for a long time probably making its way to the status of Muyenga.

It looks amazing, incredibly quiet and is tarmacked. It is mostly famous because of the several posh houses, Muhoozi’s (President’s son) house, a route to Munyonyo and lots of cool apartments.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

6. Kisugu

Kisugu is rarely spoken about the neighborhood in between Kibuli, Namuwongo and Muyenga. It is believed to have housed wealthy people even way before Muyenga had become the centre of attention.

The biggest and coolest crib there belongs to the late construction mogul, Zzimwe. Even the first Taekwondo institute was located there, now transformed into Stafford University.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

7. Bugolobi

Bugolobi is pretty old as well, mostly because it had the then prestigious and very popular Bugolobi residential flats.
There are many rich people who live there based on the houses and mansions there and they have the once cool club, Gabiro just next door.

The small town is bustling because it is on the way to Luzira, Jinja and has the famous Silver Springs Hotel.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

8. Bbunga

Bbunga is in the same neighbourhood as Munyonyo, Buziga, Ggaba, Kansanga and there is even a short cut that connects to Bukasa and Muyenga to dodge traffic.

It is hip, cool, silent and expensive. We also don’t get either why so many rich people are obsessed with this place but the expensive houses and apartments are selling like Marijuana in the L.A.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

9. Naalya

Naalya grew popular during the days of the real estate boom in Uganda. The NHCC set up several Naalya Housing Estates, built several cool houses and sold them to those who were fortunate to buy them.

It was one of the most lucrative places for getting a mortgage to set up a house, some companies also held competitions were people won houses. Many rich people now own amazing beautiful houses there.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

Currently, ever since the Northern bypass was setup there are also some few businesses there such as Metroplex which houses Cinema Magic and Nakumatt.

10. Bukoto

It is hard to define the true confines of Bukoto residential areas since much of Bukoto has been filled up with gardens, bars, offices such as Kabira Country club, Cayenne, WBS.

However, some of the few residential parts of Bukoto we made our way to were pretty neat and blew us away. Buying a house there is expensive but rent is still pretty much affordable. The only downside is the horrible daily traffic to Kisaasi and Ntinda.

Newslibre’s Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Kampala - Newslibre

Other notable neighbourhoods


Kira is the small extra we decided to throw in. It is quite far from the city centre; it is part of Wakiso and depending on what route you use, you can get there through Namugongo, Najjera or Gayaza.

It is still growing but has very many cool houses and mostly houses people formally in government. The First Lady’s family has a lot of real estates there and most of the roads aren’t that bad. There’s even a branch of Greenhill Academy and MACOS there.

This list is based on several factors and yardsticks; we wish we could add every wealthy residential area within Kampala but these are the ones that made the cut. I don’t mean to crash your spirits though, but living in the rich neighbourhood won’t make you rich.


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