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In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 4: The Next Day

Previously: It was a crazy night out in Chapter 3, so fuzzy even we don’t remember some of the events that transpired but we can’t forget where Dayton and Claire ended up! What will happen at the office?


I’m looking at this crazy guy standing in front of me showing me a market forecast of our company’s revenue in the next few months, there’s a possibility of a drop. Now I don’t know how these guys did it before, but I needed advice on how to avoid this prophetic doom and a reason for it so I had to ask.

“Thing is, the competition got wind of our last product launch and shadowed us with a similar launch. Since then things haven’t been as good as anticipated. So many expenses were allocated in product design, research, marketing and the failed sustenance after the failed launch.” He answered.

“And what happened to this product now?”

“It was retired by your father a couple of months ago against the wishes of Donald, one of the board members”

“Is that so, would you and the marketing department mind emailing me some of the details and getting as many physical documents as you can. Viola please make time and meet me this afternoon.”

Chapter three: In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 3: The Night That Was!

I listened to the rest of the managerial team updates, I guess I’ll just have to get used to this every Monday. I’ve no clue on how to motivate them, but I’m definitely disconcerted by how comfortable they are with the company’s average performance.

In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 4 The Next Day - Newslibre
In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 4 The Next Day – Newslibre (Image source: President Barack Obama attends a breakout session, “Creating Jobs Through the Rebuilding of America’s Infrastructure,” during the White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth, in the Eisehnower. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Many of the managers were still bullying me, this whole kid CEO thing is terribly unnerving. “See when I was in primary, I was a very small gullible kid. This nagging boy always bullied me and I had started working with my father building the compound at home so I was a little stronger now.

He tried to corner me one day, I wasn’t in the mood and I pushed him away. He bit my collar bone just near the shoulder so hard that I felt this lingering burning pain and my eyes got teary. I reached in my pocket, grabbed those red and black HB pencils and shoved it right into his collarbone. He yelled and fell down and I just stood there watching him. I didn’t regret it.”

The whole room had this eerie silence and they all stared at me like I’m this psycho and that could be true. One of these people knows what happened to my father and they’re driving my, sorry our company into the ground and I won’t have it.

Chapter one: In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 1: The Building



“In the world, there are sharks and shark hunters, this company isn’t made up of sharks yet it has shark hunters. If you can’t do your jobs, you can place your resignation on my desk. Next time I expect solutions or results. The meeting is adjourned.” I got up and took my leave.

Seated behind my mahogany desk as the beautiful golden mid-morning sun shines on the table, I recall the weekend I had with my family. My mother always wanted to go the beach, eat deep-fried fish and feel the flaky sand on her feet so I took her and told her all about the inheritance, the company, the money and dad’s mysterious disappearance.

Chapter two: In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 2: The Origins

The truth is I can’t get my father out of my head, he owed me a childhood and as if that’s not enough he has now hijacked my prime even in his absence. How did life get so complicated?

That is when Clare interrupts me with her terrible timing; I’ve seriously been avoiding her all morning. I don’t know whether it is shame, guilt or the fear that she might be expecting some sort of commitment or special treatment but I just don’t feel like facing her right now.

For what it is worth she is a great employee, sweet and really cute so I’ve got to play it cool and find a way to keep her around as a friend or something.

“I got you that info on Donald that you asked for and I have also booked you for a meeting with Viola at 2PM.”

“Thank you, you’re such a darling place the papers there.”

“How are you? Haven’t heard from you since Friday, everything ok?”

“Yes just had… actually have a lot on my mind. We will talk later today if you’re free then. Thank you.”

The meeting with Viola was really an eye-opener.

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