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In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 3: The Night That Was!

Previously: In Chapter 2, Dayton remembers his life before his father’s disappearance; he has a flashback of the tough and great moments with his best friend and his family and how he came to become the CEO of a such a big company. He plots to celebrate.


I’ve got to get used to this whole office thing, either it’s just me or sitting behind a big darn desk is so boring except for the unbelievably cool ability to send people and make them do whatever you want. It is so freaking cool, like a superpower of sorts, you won’t believe this but when people actually want your money they’ll often do anything you ask of them, ok not everything but almost.

Time to take a stroll, I’ve been meaning to check out the third floor. That’s where the marketing department sits and is very crucial to this company. With the economy currently in a dire state its good to keep a tight eye on things and my arch nemesis.

There’s this terribly nagging babe called Viola, she’s the general manager for marketing and sales and my oh my isn’t she the whole package. She hates me, I can definitely tell that from her gut resistance to all my directives, I wouldn’t blame her though.

In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 3: The Night That Was! - Newslibre
There’s this terribly nagging babe called Viola, she’s the general manager for marketing and sales and my oh my isn’t she the whole package.

Despite my experience in sales and hustle, I actually don’t have any degree or qualifications in marketing or management. That doesn’t really get to me like her squeaky witch-like condescending voice, she looks down at me and she feels smart. Which indeed she is, maybe it’s the rivalry that puts me off, a fellow smart person causing friction to my already tired mind.

“Dayton I shall not instruct my team to draw a budget for billboard promotions and a new product, it’s just not feasible for this quarter,” Viola talked down to me.

“No no sweetheart I think you misunderstood me. I’m not asking you, I am telling you…” I lightly replied. This took her back; I could see the mixture of rage and shock in her eyes.

Like a malfunction of sorts, she doesn’t expect me to have a reply to this. In her eyes I’m just a young spoilt undeserving kid trying to fill the big shoes of his father but I wasn’t going to let this happen. Had she done all this from the confines of her office it would’ve been fine, but she was taking me on in front of some of the stuff and my P.A, not cool.

“…since we don’t have much of a choice, I will mail them soon. Hope you’re happy,” she smirked.

All this while I’m sitting leaning back in this gorgeous black leather office seat at the desk of one of the employees and couldn’t help myself to an evil half grin as I responded, “you better put your heart to it, salaries and bonuses depend on it… and that’s not a threat.”

Aside from all her drama and hate for me, Viola is incredibly hot. So hot if she were giving off rays like the sun it would have been close to 180 degrees Celsius on that floor. She liked wearing office suits… like today she was in a nice tucked in long sleeve sky blue blouse, a short fitting black skirt and nice matching black coat.

Did I mention she has a neat brown hairpiece, those eyes that you stare in and get lost and the best legs? However you lose sight of all this when she turns and you see that perfect round booty if I had the chance so many bad things could happen to her when she turns around to pick something on her desk. I wonder if other bosses have these thoughts too, an association for bosses would be helpful right about now.

Back at my desk, I send for Norman to fill him in on my plot tonight. He is very open and calm, “You mentioned that you can drive right, you only don’t have a driving permit?”

I nodded to this.

“I suggest you drop off Baxi to his home or nearer, then you take the Range. I will request him to start processing your permit next week; I’m assuming no one will ask you for one at night. Have fun.”

“Thanks Norman, you’re the best!” I got up as I took the 1 million he was handing me and walked with him around the office.

It’s 7:00 AM and I’m parked outside Claire’s house in Bugolobi, yes she was free tonight and I couldn’t resist the urge to save such a beautiful creature from boring herself when I had a plot. I’ve just got off the phone with one of my boys, Joachim and told him to inform the rest to meet us at Nakumatt Oasis when I see Claire step out of the gate with this fitting short green and black dress.

I think I’m drooling with my endless stare, I step out of the car give her a tight hug and she’s unbelievably warm. I actually hugged her ‘cause she had these nice round plump boobs, couldn’t touch them so had to push my body against hers, don’t judge me.

We head to Nakumatt, buy a couple of beers, a mountain dew to punch with the Uganda Waragi and Bond 7, the two girls choose two six-packs of Smirnoff Black ice and a few cans of Smirnoff Double Black. The night is young; we start downing some of the drinks in the Nakumatt parking with some light music as we wait for the time to shift so we can head out to club close to midnight.

We are about eight people, Claire is sitting in the co-drivers seat as she takes down her Smirnoff. Either she’s trying to impress me or this woman can drink, F*ck! She must be on her second one in less than thirty minutes, hopefully, she’s not hungry and taking it like water. Anyway, I pass her a bag of Lays as a kind gesture and then pour myself some bond 7 from the muzinga and punch it with mountain dew. Bond 7 is almost all I can take.

The boys and the girl at the back are pretty darn noisy now racking up all the air, it’s only me and Claire who seem silent with me throwing a chuck at them once in a while.

Claire breaks the ice, “Why do you punch Bond 7 with soda? I thought you’re the tough kind that likes it hot

A million thoughts went through my mind, seriously women are evil they ask these very complex questions that are sort of tricky. You can’t find the right proper angle to address them. I keep quiet for a moment; gather my thoughts together and just before I can answer Joachim answers.

“He’s a die hard drunkard, adding soda is his way of reducing how much he used to take in conc!”

“Don’t listen to Kim, Claire. He’s tipsy, the truth is there’s often Kawunyemu (Breathalyzers) on the streets and when I mix bondo and daso (soda) I don’t smell like booze when they stop me.”

I could see her manage a smile; I hadn’t realized that she had a very hot smile. That and also my eyes strayed to her very sexy brown thighs, my-oh-my, I’m temped to touch them.

We are off to Laftaz to listen to DJ Jamal, dude has some of the best mixes we always listen to. Joachim bought us another Bond 7 muzinga and the guys showed it what’s up. Either we were tipsy or the music got really bass loud and awesome. All this while we were stealing glances at each other, Claire and I, something tells me we are attracted to each other.

I get up to join the boys and pull our crazy funny strokes, bending low and bringing it in like there’s no tomorrow. Damn this is fun, Claire can’t stop looking at me as though she wants me to ask her to dance. I’m I being slow? My heart is pounding right out of my chest, all the guys are drunk so doubt they’ve noticed. What if she refuses, what if I don’t know how to dance the way she expects me too?

In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 3: The Night That Was! - Newslibre
I get up to join the boys and pull our crazy funny strokes, bending low and bringing it in like there’s no tomorrow.

Tony killed me, he was like level 6 drunk. He would stand still and stare at the ceiling for a moment then bend and wave his arms like an octopus as he draws long strides. It was so funny. We were the center of attention now at the spot, a random babe came to our table to tap our drinks, they were so many spread on the table. We let her do so and we waited for the right moment to pounce on her and indeed it came, she got up when the DJ hit “Bruk It Down” she bent, gripped the table and she started bouncing booty here and there…. All of us first froze and stood for like 2 minutes marvelling.

And then Tony moved in and dubbed the sh*t out of her, he would go back and hit her booty with his pelvis and then she paused, looked at him, smiled and she seemed to like it. She added in so much energy that the table shook up and some of the bottles even fell and booze spilled everywhere. Then he grabbed her, pulled her close and gave a her a “rub-a-dub”.

I couldn’t take this anymore, I grabbed Claire’s arm and pulled her up, turned her and started dubbing her. She went wild, I was shocked, the innocent face was gone and she gave me the dub of my life. It was so insane that I actually got a boner, I couldn’t take this any more. As the DJ kept mixing dancehall tracks, she turned and faced me, I grabbed her in my arms my leg locked between hers and we winded gently all eyes were on us now. Then she leaned in and put her head on my shoulders and she whispered in my ear, “Took you long enough as you kept me waiting”. I couldn’t tell whether we were having foreplay or dancing but who gives a damn, it was great.

More girls joined us and the party turned up a notch. Tony disappeared with the tapping girl God knows to where. Rita seemed occupied as well and she was very happy and shouting at the top of her voice with Rick.

It is now close to 3:00a.m we decided to head out to Gabs (Gabiro) in Bugolobi and wind down for an hour before we call it a night. I can’t tell whether I’m tipsy or just excited but I’m very hyper like as though on steroids. I drive through a short cut to avoid kawunyemu at like 80kmh, it is only then I realize that the car is so damn good, comfortable, nice, fast, just epic.

Gabs is like a forgotten city that had a zombie epidemic and was evacuated, by the time we got there, almost everyone in the car was tired and dozing so we took one round and I dropped off everyone at their places. I dropped off Claire last.

“Must you sleep at home? I’m home alone and I’m scared there may be no kara (power), stay or at least wait for me to sleep and head home,” she said.

This felt like a bad idea on all fronts but I don’t know why I didn’t resist it. The guard opened and I helped her out of the car into her apartment, the place was so damn dark and big but the power was actually on. She undressed into a nightie that looked like a blue t-shirt, I could’ve left just about now but don’t know why I stayed. It’s like my mind was not coordinating with my feet, I froze and saw her staring at me, I felt a big bulge in my loin.

If my heart was a car it would’ve been pumping at close to 200kmh. I moved in close to her and held her neck looked into her beautiful eyes, leaned in and kissed her. She pulled me close and I could feel her hands hold my shirt tightly which made me crazier. She opened my shirt buttons very quickly, removed it as we kissed and I kicked off my shoes.

“Your jeans are poking me, they hurt” I took this as a gesture to remove my pants and I slid them off quickly remaining in only drawers. All this was very fast-paced and happened in her living room.

I put her against the wall and put my tongue in her mouth, she let out a deep gasp of breath. She then put her legs around me and my hard bulge was against her loin, I could feel that she was wearing nothing down. I started kissing down her neck as she let out soft moans and run her hands down my back.

In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 3: The Night That Was! - Newslibre
“Your jeans are poking me, they hurt” I took this as a gesture to remove my pants and I slid them off quickly remaining in only drawers.

I gently massaged her boobs as I nibbled on her ear and she ran in a state of madness, she lost control. She dropped my drawers with her hand, pulled out the big hard train and put in straight in the wet narrow tunnel, it was amazing and thrilling. She screamed my name like I was a captain and pushed the throttle deeper to step up the thrill.

After a while I carried her behind the sofa, place her down so she could bend and lean on it for me to reverse through the tunnel.  There was a rhythmic sound that could easily come off as a mixtape, I pulled off her nighty and grabbed her boobs, it was like having candy in both your hands.

We paused, she turned around she removed my vest. We were now completely similar to how Adam and Eve were in the garden, I, staring at her boobs and her, feeling my hard abs and my chest then we hit the floor. I kissed her passionately, then her neck and made my way to her boobs.

Held them both in my arms as I kissed them then went to her belly and belly button. Found my way to the garden and picked at the beans, like a twister swirling and turning them off a beanstalk. I could’ve sworn she nearly broke my neck like a trained assassin when she wrapped her legs around my back close to my neck.

She pulled me and I knew the tunnel had been cleared, she overturned me got on top and she rode the train. I wanted to pluck the fur off the carpet! She added extra speed and the ride went extremely fast before she let out a loud constant scream followed by a warm drip of oil down the exhaust but she rode on and I felt my abs harden.

I got up and held her arms with such strength and we had both reached our destination with me shooting hard into the tunnel at the station. We did not disembark the station, we just pulled a shoal and we covered ourselves as we talked off to sleep.

It’s morning, I’m confused don’t remember where I am but clearly it’s a floor and I feel someone on my chest. I know that hair scent, its Claire. Oh shit, this is going to be very awkward.

Work tomorrow is going to be very juicy for Claire and Dayton – Glow in like the sun with In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 4: The Next Day

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