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In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 1: The Building

I walk into a massive building, housed by glistening silver tiles. I’m sure it must be the biggest building in the city since it’s owned by the biggest company in the country. My hair is all shabby, I’m wearing dark blue jeans and a checkered shirt. I didn’t have much time to care about how I really look. I’m confused and lost in a building that looked more like a maze or as I may put it, “a pile of Lego building blocks” those kinds of toys every child dreamed of now and then.

I make it to the top floor, and here I was staring at the jaw-dropping well designed clean lobby with a scent of one those new offices filled with empty file cabinets and while I was lost in the moment, I hear a voice, a light beautiful voice.

“Sir, please….Sir… Can I help you?”

I turn, look at who seems to be a receptionist, neat black puff, red lips, short grey dress, a spectacular sight it was; like one of those little beauties you would sneak into the elevator with and wish it wasn’t a Playboy TV commercial.  I almost get a boner thinking of all the kinky and silly things I would do if was put to the task.

Oops! That wasn’t supposed to be in the story, was it? Damn it! It must be the morphine kicking in…..just kidding, where was I….

“You can’t just stand there Sir”

I thought she was speaking to the guy just next to me, the one I came within the elevator. He reeked of liquor, you would think he slept in a stockpile of Uganda Waragi, a good brand of whiskey known by our countrymen for its knock out effect!


In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 1: The Building - Newslibre


Maybe he was in a race against the clock to save the world from it by taking it all. Not like I cared much, but you know how my mind gets hazy just catching a scent of good whiskey. One of Uganda’s finest.

But then she moves up to me and asks for my name, I tell her, “Dayton Nomuta.”

At this moment, she was close enough to me to be able to catch a scent of her arousing perfume.

Wait a second, what am I thinking? I better get my mind back on track.

Her face eases up, it feels like she’s scared. Oh yeah, damn right, I could feel it, I’m now the elephant in the room give way for my big paws.

“I’m very sorry Sir, follow me right this way”

She takes me to a meeting room where there’s what seems to be a chaotic meeting in progress. I get in, greet but no one gives a damn. I take my seat.

And to think that I’m the new CEO, in my second year at the biggest university in Uganda and I’ve never run a huge multi-billion shilling company but my father found the humour in waking up, disappearing and leaving it in my names. Boy oh boy, the world just f**ked me more so I feel sorry for these guys in the meeting.

I placed down my bag, took a quick read of the papers the cute lady had placed in front of me and grasped the agenda and what’s going on. I raise my head a little just to take a peek of what seemed to be a room filled with suits, some black, others light blue and some with colours so threatening I would fail my medical exam.

The usual characters of white-collar junkies stood before me, huge belly types, the short but tempered kind, tall and bickering and not forgetting, “I want to steal your college fund” type of machos. Forgive me, but that’s the best description I could come up with for the first day in office.

After about one minute of awkward silence, I said to myself; “I need to take control of the situation.” So I placed the papers back down, slammed the table hard with my wrist like a king and stepped on my chair then the table. There is an eerie silence; it’s like a graveyard except for my shoes tapping on the table as I stroll across in my bell-bottom jeans. I didn’t mean to be dramatic but I had to get their attention somehow.

“I’m Dayton, your new boss.

*Yeah bitches!* I actually didn’t say that.

“All of you meet me one by one in my office starting now and Ms Cutie here (receptionist) will guide you on the order to be followed,” I pointed at a random dude, “make sure I don’t beat you to my office, wherever that is….!” He looked on in amazement, baffled and surprised by my action. If that wasn’t a cool and epic entrance for my first day in office, then I don’t know what is.

I got down and asked Ms Cutie to guide me to my office. She took me to a large office at the end of the floor, it had my name already on it. On opening, it was like a peek into heaven, sexy grey leather seats, awesome mahogany desk, a resting room, shower, fridge, window city view side, bookshelves and more. It even had one of those neat queen beds from the four seasons just in case you got bored of your wife, if you know what I mean. I could see why my father would delay to get home daily.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.


“Well Claire, you’re now my personal assistant. You clearly know this place more than I do. Take up the PA’s office, if there’s none make one. Thanks that will be all for today.”

I prepared for my first meeting with the top management guys from the earlier meeting where I had made a dramatic  fun entrance.

By 5 PM I was done and tired like I had been juggling bricks at a construction site. I grab my bag and head out. I bump into my dad’s old right hand, Norman.

“How was your first day?” He asked.

“It was like driving up Mount Elgon. Exhilarating, very exciting, new and breathtaking but equally exhausting and hard!”

He laughed, “I will help, where to?”

I told him I was going to get a jaj (boda boda) and head to university for my lectures and he laughed, “Let me help you call someone.”

He mumbled with someone on the phone as we walked out and a silver Range Rover with custom plates parked in front of us. The chauffeur got out and opened the door, “Good evening sir, where may I take you?”

*Doing an Obama victory dance at this moment would seem as most the appropriate thing after hearing that but what the heck, at least I thought about it!*

Now, this is the life damn! I told him I was heading to Makerere University and he nodded. Norman is now laughing lightly, “You will get used to it, he’ll take you anywhere you want and tomorrow we’ll work on your car, house, phone and other stuff. Enjoy your class.”

In class, it’s all I could only think about. I hadn’t told my friends yet. Once hustling for what to eat every night, I’m now worth billions of shillings. I didn’t even know what to think. Of course, Bond 7 whiskey was the first thing that popped in my mind and it is part of my plot, but that doesn’t cost a billion.

What will happen next in the next part 2? Read In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 2 – The Origins.

*Disclaimer: Any names or familiar situations in the following fictional story are highly coincidental and thus we shall not be held liable for any similarities found. The following content is Rated R, reader discretion is advised and if you proceed you agree that you’re above 18 years of age and that you’ve read and accept the terms above.

Credits: The story is created and edited by Lawrence Kisuuki and Allan Bangirana. Special thanks to Derrick Ogwal for his significant contributions to this week’s episode. It’s published and tracked by Newslibre.

In Dayton’s Mind Chapter 1: The Building 1

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