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World Cup 2018 Stats: Top 16 Performing Teams

The Fifa World Cup 2018 was a joy ride that came with its surprises and unexpected defeats for powerhouse teams people thought would win the trophy.

It has been two months since the World Cup ended with France beating Croatia 4-2 in penalties to win one of the world’s most desired trophies.

The prestigious tournament, hosted by Russia went down as one of the most successful in history. The most famous sports event worldwide broke records and provided many memorable moments filled with goals and glory.

The 2018 World Cup left a memorable mark on the world and to catch up on all these interesting bits, the team behind BettingSites created an infographic which outlines some fascinating numbers and facts about the top 16 teams in WC’18.

Ready to catch up? Let’s dive right in.

Source: Betting Sites

Fifa World Cup 2018 Top 16 Performing Teams | Spurzine
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