Why Arsenal Fans In London Are To Blame 1

Why Arsenal Fans In London Are To Blame

For so long I have said that the biggest problem for Arsenal has been it’s fans down in London who have given Stan Kroenke the illusion that his club will continue to make money despite them not being competitive in the market.

Arsenal has one of the most expensive tickets in the world. Arsenal’s most expensive ticket goes for 97 pounds (UGX 446,504) and the cheapest going for 27 pounds (UGX 124,284) while clubs like Manchester United, their most expensive tickets go for 58 Pounds (UGX 266,981) with Liverpool going for 59 pounds (UGX 271,585).

With such an expensive ticket, one would think that Arsenal would be able to collect enough funds to make good buys during the summer because the Emirates Stadium is always filled to capacity.

Arsenal also has big sponsors like the Fly Emirates, Audi among many others that bring in money that is being added to the funds that come through TV rights that is in English Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup among others.

This would mean that Arsenal can comfortably be able to fund transfers to bolster their squad so that they can be competitive in the league and Europe.

However, every transfer window, Arsenal fans have been left to celebrate the what would have been potential signings and with each report comes excitement that is quickly followed by news that it was a mere rumour. And this transfer window is no different with the Gunners being linked to each and every single player on the planet but with no signing at all or the club signing players on loan or kids for the academy.

Arsenal fans deliver a worrying letter to Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke, recent majority owner of Arsenal football club.
Arsenal fans tell owner Stan Kroenke things need to change in a written letter. Image by Skysports.com

This week, there have been two letters written with the Arsenal family and one of them coming from the Arsenal fans writing to the owners of the club basically asking them if they have any serious plans for the club as many promises were made by Kroenke when he was buying the shares of the club but so far nothing has happened to indicate that the club has any ambitions.

Josh Kroenke who is the son of the owner Stan Kroenke wrote back to the club fans with over 2000 words with absolutely no point made in regards to addressing the key issues that had been highlighted by the fans.

This is where I come out to say that Arsenal fans in London are to blame. If they started boycotting the club games being played at the Emirates that would mean that the club won’t be collecting ticket money.

Boycotting of the matches would also put a huge dent on the matches that are being screened by the different television stations which would mean a reduction in TV rights royalties.

The reduction in such money would also mean that sponsors would have to think twice before investing in Arsenal which I presume would eventually push Kroenke and his company to invest in the club.

So, I think that if there is to be any form of change at Arsenal, it has to come from deliberate actions from Arsenal fans in London going on strike and not watching the games at the Emirates stadium.

A lot needs to change at Arsenal if they are to be taken seriously in regards to title contention or even getting back to UEFA Champions League conversations and that has to start by buying defenders and seriously good midfielders but at the moment, I think the club can enjoy playing in UEFA Europa League.


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Why Arsenal Fans In London Are To Blame 2

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