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What Makes Olivier Giroud a Phenomenon?

For long, Olivier Giroud has enjoyed so much playing time even when his goal-scoring hasn’t particularly been something to write home about.

Of course, if we are to talk about his goal-scoring, we will all go back to remember the days of him back in the French Ligue 1 with Montpelier, he was arguably their source for goals. But if we also remember quite frankly, his goals were as a result of headers.

But in reality, Giroud’s stats speak volumes about the striker that he was in front of goal. At Arsenal, he played 253 games scored 105 goals and had 41 assists.

How Did Olivier Giroud Perform At Different Levels?

At Montpellier, Giroud was very fundamental for the team. He played over 85 games of which he scored 39 goals with a resounding 17 assists for the French Ligue 1 side and was also very crucial for them winning the 2011/2012 season.

What Makes Olivier Giroud a Penomenon? - Newslibre
Giroud scored some amazing goals for Arsenal was always involved in build plays. (Image Credit: Gunners Town)

The French striker joined Arsenal London rivals Chelsea in the 2018 season where he has so far gone on to win the FA Cup and most notably the 2018/19 Europa League where his Chelsea was playing against his former team Arsenal in the final.

The lanky striker has won many accolades for himself although the English Premier League title seems to have eluded him and of course the UEFA Champions League.

He is, however, a winner of the World Cup with France and this was during the 2018 World Cup in Russia where Giroud didn’t score a goal.

This now brings us to the major discussion that everyone seems to be having about Giroud and why he constantly gets playing time.

When you watch the way Dedier Deschamps and Arsene Wenger deployed the Frenchman, his contribution was for the goals but what they were looking for, was someone who has the potential to hold play upfront.

Giroud has the ability to hold play with his size, and physicality, he can hold the ball which allows the rest of the team to fall in formation during the attack.

At the time he played at Arsenal, Giroud was used to help attacks whereby as he held up the long balls sent forward, it allowed for the likes Sanchez and Ozil to get in formation and join the attack.

The other most important detail about Giroud was his ability to link up play, acting as an intermediary with his cheeky and short passes that saw Arsenal break defenses.

What Makes Olivier Giroud a Penomenon? - Newslibre
Giroud won the UEFA Europa League with Chelsea while playing a key role in attacks. (Image Credit: Transfer Tavern)

During the 2018 World Cup, Didier Deschamps used Olivier Giroud still as a striker to hold up play allowing the players like Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezman to get in on the attacks and this was his biggest use on the pitch.

This was one of the major reasons as to why Giroud got the call ahead of the rest of the formidable forwards that France boasts of having.

Before the suspension of the English Premier League, Chelsea was out of options for forwards and Frank Lampard was forced to throw in the Frenchman, his presence helped Chelsea a lot allowing midfielders to get into attacking positions and scoring goals too.

Olivier Giroud is not the Sergio Kun Aguero, Fernando Torres or Thiery Henry of the world when it comes to putting the ball behind the back of the net but one thing is notable, he is quite a very important puzzle for any team he gets into.


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What Makes Olivier Giroud a Phenomenon? 1

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