Uganda Loses Second Game to Germany 17-14 1

Uganda Loses Second Game to Germany 17-14

A tough result for the Uganda rugby Sevens as the lose their second game to Germany 17-14.

The Cranes looked set for their first win against Germany a team that has often given them a challenge at the Sevens. But a yellow card to Philip Wokorach gave the Germans an advantage.

Uganda took the lead thanks to a try from Timothy Kisiga and a conversion from Wokorach.

By halftime, the Germans had scored a try but missed their conversion and Ugandan went into the break in lead.

On return for second half, Aaron Ofoyorwoth scored Uganda’ second try with Philip scoring his conversion which gave Uganda a 14-5 lead.

With Philip Wokorach picking up a yellow card, the Germans took advantage of his absence and made two tries to push the game away from the reach of Uganda.

Uganda now has to beat Lithuania for them to make the quarter finals. A result that may not be far away from their reach.

Uganda Loses Second Game to Germany 17-14 2

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