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SC Villa: Back to Where It All Begun

One of the most successful clubs in Ugandan football is Sports Club Villa (SC Villa) and ever since 2004, the club has failed to live up to the expectations of the fans. Today during a press briefing at Sheraton Hotel, Interim Head of the Committee that has been foreseeing the activities of the club Engineer William Nkemba unveiled a plan that will see the club become owned by the community.

Sports Club Villa was started back in 1975 as Nakivubo Boys which later became Nakivubo Villa and later became Sports Club Joogo. Ever since the club got a promotion to top League, they have never been relegated and are 16-time champions of the League.

While speaking at a press conference held at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Kampala, Nkemba confirmed that Villa will now be led by a Villa Members Trust to be inducted on October 30 which coincidentally takes them back to being a Community owned club.

SC Villa has been through the worst periods of their existence to a point that worried even Federation of Uganda Football Association Engineer Moses Magogo, a well-known club fan.

In trying to help the club to get back to its feet, FUFA encouraged the club to adopt an interim committee to handle the club’s affairs with a mandate of 18 months before it was extended further.

With an Interim Committee in place led by Eng. William Nkemba, SC Villa has tried to get back to its feet with the club managing to finish 3rd in the Uganda Premier League. Eng. William was not shy to note that the committee was unable to meet some of the challenges “whereas we have had well-intended intentions as far as solving the challenges at Villa, we did not come close to solving the core problems.”

SC Villa: Back to Where It All Begun - Newslibre
SC Villa last season managed to finish 3rd in the Uganda Premier League but the goal is to get back to winning trophies. (Image Credit: SC Villa Media)

“In July 2018, when an interim committee was selected to help put the club on track and address the issues that were on Villa Park, we were tasked with three immediate challenges,” Nkemba explained. “The challenges included sporting continuity and the leadership of the club.”

“In terms of sporting continuity, in the first season we had challenges because it was at the last hour, the major challenge was to put together a team and at that time almost the entire team was depleted. We performed at an all-time low at the club.”

Nkemba added: “For the next season we embarked on improving the sporting credentials of the club. It was fundamental that the club continues working sportingly and we managed to finish third.”

“The other issue was to deal with the ownership of the club. The club was founded as Nakivubo Boys, later transforming into Nakivubo Villa and later SC Villa. And has since gone on to compete like that.”

How will SC Villa be Governed?

According to the Interim Chair, Eng. William Nkemba, the club has gone back to the roots with Villa Members Trust constituted making the members of the trust owners of Villa and will be duly incorporated on October 30.

“Membership shall be for those persons who subscribe annually to its membership of paying an inauguration fee of UGX 50,000 to the club. Current and future assets of Villa will be owned by the members. It is only the members who will have a say in affairs of the club.”

“This is an instrument which allows Villa to be a community-owned club and this has been given the okay by the founding members,” he said.

SC Villa: Back to Where It All Begun - Newslibre
The current Interim Committee will handover to the next team that will be selected to steer the club to the next level. (Image Credit: SC Villa)

To become a member of the Villa’s trust and be eligible to hold administrative duties with the club as Nkemba said; “We shall open the registration of the membership on October 30 to December 31.”

“This membership shall be open to all who have the best interest of the club, and it is only those who will be members who hold ownership and will decide the future of the club.”

Eng. Nkemba also noted that the club is in the final stages with all the online platforms that will allow for the club fans to register to become members of the club from all over the world.

What are the Arms of the Governing Body of SC Villa?

  1. The Club Congress; This will constitute of 120 persons that shall be the legislative body of the club composed of only paid-up Villa Trust members.
  2. The Club Executive Board; This will have an 11 person leadership team that shall also be composed of paid-up club Congress Members. They will take on the mantle of managing the day to day running of all activities of the club and will be answerable to the club congress.
  3. The Club President; This person shall be elected every after 4 years by the Villa Trust Members, chair the club Congress and Club Executive Board and together with the board supervise the club secretariat.
  4. The Club CEO; this person shall be employed on a contract and will have the responsibility of running all day to day activities of the club. This person will get support from other administrative and technical staff of the club.

With all these changes coming to Sports Club Villa, the belief by the Interim Committee is that the structures put in place will help to streamline all the activities of the club and help it to become competitive once again in Uganda, region and the continent at large.


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