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Premier League To Return With 7 Week Festival

The English Premier League which has been on suspension for over a month and weeks could be set for a major return behind closed doors on the 19th of June.

The Premier League chiefs are said to have a discussion of how they can return the league but behind closed doors and to be played in a period of seven weeks.

When Does the Premier League Return?

The only major aspect that has been agreed on is that if the league is to resume, it must start on the 19th of June and close by the second of 2nd of August.

The major reason as to why the league would have to end before 2nd of August is because that is the time when UEFA will be making cut-off to determine who will be involved at the big tournaments.

Of course one of the major items for the league to return is that clubs will need to test all their players and staff to ascertain that they don’t have a virus.

Premier League To Return With 7 Week Festival - Newslibre
Many teams have show that they are willing to have the premier league completed. (Image Credit: Premier League)

One major Premier League club has already started sending out kits to their players’ homes to test themselves as about 40,000 testing kits as teams start preparations to resume the league.

There are downsides to resuming at the moment with some players recently reported to be very skeptical about the league resuming, players like Sergio Aguero recently said that many of the players have children are afraid of risking contaminating them.

The other contention has been on the major element of relegating teams from the English Premier League. Some top flight teams have started to talk about stopping the whole idea of relegating teams to the second tier.

Premier League To Return With 7 Week Festival - Newslibre
Liverpool are the Premier League champions in waiting and would definitely want this season completed so that they are crowned champions. (Image Credit: Liverpool FC)

Now should this be implemented, then the major question of what happens to teams that were meant to get promotion into the Premier League top flight.

Of course all efforts to resume the Premier League are all subject to the guidelines that will be made by the government as the League has always insisted that all decisions to return, depend on advise from experts and the government.

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