Mesut Ozil Hits Back At Critics for Always Being Used as "Scapegoat" 1

Mesut Ozil Hits Back At Critics for Always Being Used as “Scapegoat”

Arsenal forward Mesut Ozil has had a torrid start to the 2019/2020 campaign at Arsenal Unai Emery where the German has only started one fixture of all those games played.

Arsenal signed Ozil from Real Madrid in the 2013/2014 season where he went to become a revelation playing just right ahead of Spaniard Santi Carloza.

Ozil became such a fans darling at the club because of his ability to pick out a pass from very small pocket spaces and create enourmous amounts of goal scoring chances.

The German has however always come under serious criticism because of what many describe as below par performances when the Gunners are playing against some of the bigger teams both in England and in Europe.

Under Arsene Wenger, Ozil was always the go to man for creativity and when Arsenal wanted to dictate the pace of the game. However, under new manager Unai Emery, he has found it hard to find playtime as the Spanish coach believes that Ozil needs to work even harder just like the rest of the team.

For Ozil, he may have to blame himself for always playing very calm and less energized football because he has always had to depend on his brilliance but for those who believe in working hard and running hard, he is not doing the bare minimum.

Mesut Ozil Hits Back At Critics for Always Being Used as "Scapegoat" 2
Arsenal fans were waiting to see Ozil play behind Aubameyand, Lacazette and Pepe and just ahead of Ceballos but nothing so far. (Image Credit:

While having an interview with The Athletic, Ozil has come out and hit back at the Critics for what he has described as unfare treatment and also reiterated the fact that he will see out his contract at the club that ends in 2021.

“If we don’t do well in a big game, it’s always my fault. If that’s true, how do you explain our results in the big games when I wasn’t involved? There’s no real difference,” he told The Athletic.

“I know people expect me to offer more, dictate play and make the difference — I do, too — but it’s not that straightforward.

“I’m not the only player in the team and, don’t forget, some of our opponents are simply better than us.”

Ozil’s current deal does not expire for another two years and despite his lack of game time he has insisted that he will see out his contract.

“I have a contract until the summer of 2021 and I will be staying until then,” he said.

“You can go through difficult times, like this, but that is no reason to run away and I’m not going to. I’m here until at least 2021.”

Ozil continues to cost Arsenal a great deal of money though despite him not playing the midfielder has cost Arsenal £19,718 a minute and he has played just 142 minutes on the pitch.

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