Mercedes Looking To Avenge In the Italian GP 1

Mercedes Looking To Avenge In the Italian GP

Seeing Ferrari win in the Belgium GP was not something that Toto Wolf and his cast at Mercedes had anticipated last weekend but they were outsmarted by the Vettel and Leclerc on the day.

Mercedes will now be looking at how they can come back into winning ways after Hamilton and Bottas came behind a very resilient Charles Leclerc who stood his ground, started in pole position and went ahead to win his first race in Formula one making him one of the youngest winners.

Mercedes will feel that they were undone by the strategies that they deployed but also the undercut that Ferrari performed to ensure that their drivers kept up with the Mercedes team

Mercedes Looking To Avenge In the Italian GP 2
Hamilton and Bottas will have to recall the magic that they had in the first season if they are to outsmart Ferrari (Image Credit: Essentially Sports)

For Ferrari, so much gratitude has to go to Sebastian Vettel for that immense defending that he did against Hamilton for close to 3 laps, Vettel kept Lewis away from race leader Leclerc.

The Young Frenchman also took advantage of this and continued to create a distance between him and Hamilton which allowed him to go ahead and win the race.

Last weekend, there were emotions allover the place after Formula E driver Antoine passed on during a clash during the race and many drivers were all driving for him. Leclerc who grew up racing and competing with him, said that he was racing for his friend and dedicated the win to him.

Mercedes Looking To Avenge In the Italian GP 3
For Binotto and Ferrari, the eyes will be on Leclerc and Vettel to do the magic again in home track (Image Credit: India Today)

This time round for Leclerc, he will be coming to Monza expecting a huge welcome from the Ferrari home fans after he gave them their first taste of a win this season.

It will be interesting to see how the Ferrari plan on keeping the Silver arrow cars behind their rare wings again. For all the fans out there, this race could yet again be an awesome race after signs of rain were seen yesterday during the practice sessions with a wet track and Kimi Raikonnen crashing in the first practice.

Verstappen who rammed into Kimi last weekend and had to watch the entire race from the sidelines hopes that his fortunes will be different this time round so that he can impose himself yet again and given that he won the last wet race, he will be clenching his fingers hoping for the same tomorrow.

Do you think Ferrari, will get their second win of the season in their own backyard or will it be a case of the Mercedes and RedBull showing superiority?

Mercedes Looking To Avenge In the Italian GP 4

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