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Kawhi Leonard Returns To Face Former Team, San Antonio Spurs!

Kawhi Leonard has endured a good debut season at Toronto Raptors and on Friday morning he returns to face his former team, San Antonio Spurs in Texas.

Kawhi was the first round pick for the Indiana Pacers in 2011 from which he joined San Antonio Spurs and made a name for himself guiding the team to 2 NBA finals. He later won a championship for the Spurs in 2013 and was crowned as the Finals MVP.

Kawhi enjoyed 6 years which came to an end due to niggling injury issues and a tumultuous relationship with head coach, Gregg Popovich.

In 2017, Leonard joined the Toronto Raptors in a trade that saw Demar DeRozan cross to San Antonio Spurs and now the two will go head to head for the first time on Friday morning in what is expected to be a mouth watering clash.

Kawhi has so far delivered the goods as the Toronto Raptors are currently in second seed and are in contention for another year in the playoffs.

The Spurs star recently made a career high 45 points against Uttah Jazz on Wednesday morning and is expected to be in top form for the next game this Friday with some of the basketball fraternity considering him to be in this seasons MVP discussion.

It’s still unclear about what reception Leonard will receive on his first return at San Antonio Spurs, but we bet its going to be exciting.

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Kawhi Leonard Returns To Face Former Team, San Antonio Spurs! 1

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