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How to Reduce the Hand Stings After Hitting a Baseball

Relative to other sports, baseball is usually painless. There’s no hard-hitting like in football, and you don’t need extensive cardio to condition yourself for the game like you would in basketball and soccer. Nevertheless, the game has painful moments, including the sting of a mishit baseball. Knowing how to reduce the hand stings after hitting a baseball helps this experience become more bearable.

Hold the Bat Correctly

Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all batting stance for a hitter to follow, there is a universal way to grip a bat that prevents the sting of a ping. The proper grip involves a player placing their bottom hand on the handle while it’s ahead of their front foot.

Take your top hand and wrap your fingers around the bat, ensuring that your knuckles point toward the barrel. Keep the grip as light as possible in your grasp, considering you will need to be able to intensify your grip as the pitch approaches.

Use Batting Gloves

Legend has it that legendary broadcaster Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson invented the batting glove from his love of golf. The Hawkaroo figured that since a golf glove can limit the pain in his hands on the golf course, it should have the same effects in the batter’s box. All batting gloves treat shock absorption differently, so it may take some trial and error before you settle on a pair.

Find a Soft Rubber Grip

Investing in a baseball bat with a soft rubber grip can diminish the discomfort you experience while hitting the ball. The grip also minimizes the possibility of hand or wrist injury. Consider your size and strength when picking out the best baseball bat. Choosing a lighter bat will make it much easier to wield, so keep that in mind before you make your decision.

Regardless of the length and weight of the bat you settle on, you want a grip that feels good in your hands. If you feel like the only thing between your hands and bat is a smaller strip of leather, a batting glove might not even save you from the stinging.

Best Storage Tactics

Most baseball bats include weather restrictions to preserve their effectiveness. Baseball bats may become seriously damaged as temperatures dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A shaved bat’s composition changes because of the lower temperatures, making it more delicate and vulnerable to fractures and dents.

Cooler temperatures may also make baseballs and softballs harder, making a baseball bat more prone to damage. Thus, you should take extra care while using your baseball bat in the off-season or when it starts to become too cold near the conclusion of the regular season. A well-maintained bat ensures that all contact is flush.

Learning to reduce the hand stings after hitting a baseball helps you get through the spring in one piece. Pitchers will inevitably try to get you to hit it off the handle, but proper storage, a solid grip, and a reliable pair of batting gloves should soften the blow.


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