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Games will Go On – Uganda Rugby Union

Yesterday, a storm befell the Uganda Rugby Union when an apparent failure by teams to host games or the likelihood of some teams to honor their fixtures broke out on the internet.

Walukuba Barbarians wrote to the Makerere Impis informing them that they would not be able to host their fixture that was scheduled for the 15th of April. The reason given was that they had failed to raise the necessary finances required to host the games at the Abel Dhaira stadium.

While that was still being handled, Kobs and Rams also notified the Union that they would be able to honor their fixtures for the weekend. Just like Walukuba, Rams cited the same issues of financial abilities to honor the games while Kobs said they could not raise a team to honor their fixture.

As the day closed with uncertainty spilling all over the different rugby venues and fans getting anxious, the Uganda Rugby Union CEO Mr. Isaac Lutwama convened a quick meeting with the chairmen of the various clubs to discuss strategies on how the league activities can continue to go forth.

Newslibre received information that the games as scheduled by the Union are slated to go ahead and teams are preparing for the big class this Saturday. This publication also got information that the clubs will receive their balance of Uganda Shillings ten Million as promised by the sponsor. The clubs received the first consignment of the ten million in February and before the weekend, they will have received the balance.

The Uganda Rugby fraternity has been hit with a mouthful of issues in the past few days with key among them being the Union pronouncement on the matters that arose from the Lions Cup fixture between Kobs and Heathens that was played at Kyadondo rugby grounds where referee Ronald Wutimber who has since been suspended by the Union, awarded a penalty to the Heathens.

The Union’s pronouncement was lacking in clarity in all forms as it cited different situations by World Rugby and Rugby Afrique but then went ahead to remove the penalty try and in incredible fashion, they maintained the result of 19-12, all assuming that Heathens would make convert their penalty.

The decision has raised a lot of chatter on social media with fans showing disgruntlement of the officiating of games in the league, and players showing the same.

Will there be rugby action this weekend?

Tomorrow, there will be games at different grounds if the messages reaching us are anything to go by. Here are what the fixtures look like.

Walukuba Vs Impis      3:00 pm-Walukuba
Heathens Vs Buffaloes 4:00 pm-Kyadondo
Hippos Vs Mongers      4:00 pm- Damwaters
Kobs Vs Rams                4:00 pm- Legends
Pirates Vs Rhinos          4:00 pm- Kings Park

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