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Documentary: Sunderland Till I Die 2

Everything is as exciting as watching paint dry. No football, but sadness, boredom & panic due to coronavirus, everything just seems to be moving at a snail pace with nothing to move it.

The Sunderland documentary should be a temporary patch on the void of football, the documentary is a torch that exposes all corners of the stadium of light.

What really happened to Sunderland?

Definitely the first season was a tickle in the wounds of the die-hard cats, as it documented their downfall from the championship to the third tier (2017/18).

The most exciting events at the 9th largest stadium in England happened after their downfall, from transfer sagas, tears at Wembley, player sacking to the new roof of management.

Documentary: Sunderland Till I Die 2 - Newslibre
Sunderland is now trying to make a come back into top-flight leagues. (Image Credit: Roker Report)
Do players get sacked by their teams? Papy Djilobodji was sacked after he was repeatedly late for training. The most interesting part isn’t the sacking, but how will this be documented? Keep your weight on your toes.
How Sunderland’s transfer business will be documented is another exciting feature, they signed 16 new players in the 2018/19 summer in the quest of bouncing back from relegation & they were actively involved in the deadline day drama.

Documentary: Sunderland Till I Die 2 - Newslibre
The journey is longer for Sunderland who once middle team status in Premier League. (Image Credit: Chronicle Live)
New ownership and passionate black cats spoiler? We would rather peep and see why the black cats cried at Wembley twice in that period.

Sunderland tasted their first defeat at Wembley (in the EFL Trophy Final), do legends let their fans down in dire situations? Lee Catermole missed the all-important spot-kick to hand Portsmouth the victory.

The playoffs are always a joy to watch, but the black cats may want to cover their eyes during their second defeat at Wembley against Charlton Athletics. I’m guilty, this should be a spoiler alert but the events actually happened. Would you still brand this as a spoiler alert? The series will be shown on April 1 (Netflix).

Article by Creed Brian Mugabi
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