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Bundesliga to Make Massive Return at End of May 2020

The German Bundesliga is well on course to become the first top flight league in Europe to make it’s return at end of May according to Skysports. This comes after they were given the green light by the government.

Of course, the major question that seems to be ringing in most people’s ears is why this is happening despite having 10 players who have tested positive for COVID19.

When is the Bundesliga Returning?

It had been anticipated that the German top division league was to make it’s maiden return on the 9th of May but that got pushed back because of the circumstances in the country where the virus had spread wide.

Bundesliga to Make Return at End of May 2020 - Newslibre
The Bundesliga has already reported of 10 cases of Coronavirus so, how will the DFL manage the situation? (Image Credit: CBS sports)

On Monday, the German Football League (DFL) announced a total of 1,724 tests have been conducted on players and staff at the 36 first and second-tier sides in Germany since last Thursday, with 10 individuals returning positive coronavirus tests.

The DFL said the 10 individuals had been isolated and that a second round of testing on all participants would take place this week as clubs build towards a return to team training.

As a country Germany have registered over 167,007 coronavirus cases with 6,993 deaths in total. Most importantly though, the country has made huge strides in treating all the cases of the virus, with the country registering a staggering 129,853. This compared to the rest of the world is a massive achievement and could explain why the government has given the league a green light to return.

According to reports, the DFL expect that all players or staff that test positive for the virus will not take part in any of the league activities. The teams will have to use the staff and players available to them at that moment.

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neur has warned players to be very cautious as the Bundesliga makes it’s maiden return at the of the month.

Germany happens to be one of the few countries around the world that have eased on the lock down restrictions as a result of the spread of the coronavirus.

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