Aaron Ofoywroth is February's Rugby MVP 1

Aaron Ofoywroth is February’s Rugby MVP

Aaron Ofoywroth has been announced as Real Star Rugby Most Valuable Player for the month of February.

Aaron Ofoywroth pipped Heathens teammate Joseph Oyet and cross-road rival Daudi Semwami of Betway Kobs to the honors.

Aaron Ofoywroth was away from the Heathens team but did leave a mark with the National 7s team who were in for the World 7s Challenger Series in Vina Del Mar, Chile and Montevideo Uruguay in February.

Aaron Ofoywroth Had a great showing at the HSBC World Rugby 7s Challenger Series

Aaron Ofoywroth is February's Rugby MVP 2

The playmaker was at the center of most of the action and his hold up was particularly impressive in the placement playoff managing to get Zimbabwe out of their sorts to create gaps for his mates to score.

“Aaron was the real deal,” exclaimed skipper Michael Wokorach after the team’s exploits in South America.

Uganda will now take part in the HSBC Core series qualifiers in Hong Kong that were pushed to October owing to the rampant Corona Virus spread.

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Aaron Ofoywroth is February's Rugby MVP 3

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