Why Tecno Is Such a Big Deal 1

Why Tecno Is Such a Big Deal

Majority of the western world might not be aware of the phone manufacturer called Tecno. However those in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia are quite familiar with the brand.

Tecno Telecom company as it was originally known is a Chinese phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong that start around 2006. For a while, it did business in Africa and South East Asia then it realised that Africa was a much better market and they concentrated there before jumping into the Middle Eastern market.

If you are in Africa, Uganda in particular and you are reading this, there is a high chance that you are doing so on a Tecno phone.

Tecno is a brand that has gone from producing some really unpleasant below per phones to being a major smartphone brand in Africa. Some might wonder what this company whose phones seem to be playing catch up to the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and the like can have that makes them a major option when one is choosing to buy a smartphone, especially in Uganda which is where I have the most experience. Well, there are four huge reasons for this and here they are:

The price is right

If you are a phone manufacturer and you are targeting a market such as Africa, the one thing that you are going to have to consider before you bring your products for sale is the price.

Not to tie into the Hollywood depiction of Africa as filled with dirt, disease and starvation, it is right to say that not many people are going to spend a lot of money on flagship phones. People are looking for a device that serves their needs but also importantly, one that they can afford without breaking the bank. Tecno gets this and makes their phones really affordable

The basic needs

This feature goes hand in hand with the first. Not many people are tech savvy. Many people are tech dependent, but not many are tech savvy.

Therefore, when it comes to picking out a smartphone for daily use, don’t expect the majority to look for things such as processor type, AMOLED or LCD screens even though they are important, not many care about them.

What many want is a phone that does what they want, which is make calls, send and receive messages, browse the internet, have a descent camera, expandable storage, maybe a fingerprint scanner and have all the apps that everybody raves about. In this respect, Tecno delivers.

Lots of variety

Variety is the spice of life, it is also a requirement when choosing a smartphone to buy (apparently). There are more models of Tecno phones on the market than I can count. They vary in size, specs and features.

This is where Tecno wins, it will have a phone for everyone and for almost every price range. While sticking to their model of providing the basics of a good smartphone, unless you really want to have a flagship phone with all the features that mimic a top of the range iPhone or stand out like the Samsung Galaxy phone, there is a Tecno for you and it will easily be your daily phone driver.

The battery life

Tecno, apart from the price is well known on the African market for its strong and long lasting batteries. I decided to bring this feature last because well, you have to leave the best for last.

While many phone manufacturers have put a lot of effort in providing some good phone batteries, the guys at Tecno know what it means to have a long lasting phone battery.

Tecno was among the first phone makers to put a 5000mAh battery in a smartphone without it exploding. Long battery life has now become a staple of their brand and if you pick up any of their phones that was made from 3 years ago, you will appreciate how long they can last.

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