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Spotify Launches Amazing Playlist Feature

Media services provider, Spotify has launched a cool new feature in its beta version for Premium users only, called Group Sessions that offers more control over playlists.

The new feature, that has been referred to as ‘Group Sessions’ allows a “host” to present a scannable code to as many “guests” with a Premium account, giving all users control over the ability to play, pause, skip, and select or add a specific song to the collective playlist.

All changes made by the users using the Group Sessions feature will be updated on everyone’s devices. Spotify is also working on increasing the number of guests that can be authorized on the feature and could change as the platform will “continue to evolve the experience over time based on user feedback.”

The new collaborative feature is a great addition to the music app, and we hope it will soon be added for other users too. Being able to share your own collection of songs with friends while giving them the freedom to add, delete, and even reorder tracks is quite impressive.

Spotify adds a new feature that allows your friends to add, delete or reorder tracks in your shared playlist

Collaborative playlists

Team up to make the ultimate playlist! Just set any playlist to Collaborative and your friends will be able to add, delete, and reorder the tracks.

The Group Sessions feature could the be answer music lovers have been waiting for especially during this trying time where almost everyone is under quarantine. You can now share your playlists with fellow friends and allow them to make changes to them as time goes by, giving room to discover new content.

However, if you’re the type that feels a bit offended when your playlist gets a few tweaks then, I don’t think it’s a great idea to jump on board yet. 😀 Though, it seems Spotify is trying to appeal to those who are bored with their current selection and want to tune things up.

Don’t get your hopes up yet, because remember that the one who shares their playlist with you still has the majority of control over what is added or removed. So, don’t get too pissed off if your friends find your taste in music a bit disturbing or boring to them that they decide to pull the plug, which also brings to light the problem of guests deciding what songs get played.

Still, it’s a great new feature and we expect more improvements to it as time goes by. If you don’t have Spotify yet, you can sign up for free and can access it via a web browser or download it on your phone for iOs or Android.


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