Sony Tramps on Other Android Phones with Xperia 1 - Newslibre

Sony Tramps on Other Android Phones with Xperia 1

Sony feels that other phone manufacturers are not giving movie lovers the best cinema experience on their mobile devices, the low-key jabs in its new witty ad prove it.

The company made an advertisement that shows how the notch, edge screens and punch hole cameras might interrupt a viewer’s experience on the phone. It was quite clever and pretty funny when you get the gist.

Sadly, we couldn’t find a way to share the video which will be shown in Vue cinemas in the summer, but we can summarise for you what is entailed. The footage uses some footage from Sony Pictures’ biggest movies like Spiderman: Far from Home and Men in Black: International.

Sony Xperia 1 Vue Commercial Men In Black International with Punch hole view - Newslibre
Men In Black: International viewed on a smartphone with Punch hole in the Sony commercial – Newslibre

As the movies are playing on the slightly smaller screen to represent a mobile phone, the display keeps interchanging between a notch, punch-hole camera and curved screen. You watch as the camera keeps getting in the way especially on actors’ heads whereas some footage keeps going through the edge screen.

If you are a smartphone junkie, you probably already noticed that the phones in question even if not mentioned are the iPhone XS Max which has an extended notch and selfie camera, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with its punch-hole camera in the top right-hand side of the screen and the One Plus 7 with its curved display and edges.

General global smartphone sales were down by a large percentile last year because research showed that existing smartphone owners were less willing to upgrade to newer models from their existing brands because they felt like they were not worth it. There wasn’t much wow-factor to woo them.

It one of the reasons why Apple iPhone sales weren’t so hot and why few Samsung Galaxy S8 owners switched to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Most manufacturers have been prompted to try and bring out something cool to persuade your enthusiasm such mega internal storage, punch hole cameras, more RAM, rotating selfie cameras such as those by the Samsung A80 and One Plus 7 Pro.

Sony’s approach is slightly different, they decided to make a phone for cinephiles (movie lovers) and cinema producers, the Xperia 1. The Xperia 1 is the newer version after their XZ2 Premium and comes with a lot of goodies.

The Xperia 1 comes with a 6.5-inch display at a 21:9 cinema ultra-wide aspect ratio which is the standard for most cinemas today and because of this, most of the movies you’ll watch will not have dark bars at the bottom or top. Instead, it will fill the whole screen.

Not only that, but the beautiful screen is the first 4K OLED display on a phone built using Bravia’s Ultra HD technology used in its TVs. It also supports HDR and the phone comes powered with Dolby Atmos for incredible sound to go along with your viewing experience.

We do hope Samsung and Apple can do a clap-back, the way BMW, Audi and Mercedes tease each other all the time.

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Sony Tramps on Other Android Phones with Xperia 1 1

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