Ways To Make Your Laboratory More Sustainable

Ways To Make Your Laboratory More Sustainable

With sustainability efforts gaining momentum, you might be looking for ways to make your own business part of the movement. If you operate a laboratory, you have unique opportunities to create a more environmentally friendly workspace. Here are several ways to make your laboratory more sustainable.

Save Energy Where You Can

Laboratories often consume substantial amounts of energy to complete experiments and power equipment. In fact, the average life science laboratory uses three times the energy of a standard office space. If you want to be a greener lab, consider different ways you can save energy. For example, shutting off equipment when you’re finished with it or setting automatic shut-down timers can significantly reduce power use. Using motion-detected lights and remembering to shut off station lighting when you leave are two other ways to reduce power consumption.

Choose an Earth-Conscious Supplier

When choosing a lab equipment supplier for your business, it’s important to consider sustainability as a factor. Some lab equipment and material suppliers prioritize sustainability through the products they ship and how they deliver them. For example, some suppliers offer bulk ordering and shipping to reduce costs and emissions from transporting materials. Sustainable suppliers always ensure the quality of their shipping containers to ensure no hazardous materials will leak into the ecosystem during transit or upon arrival.

Minimize Waste

Finally, look for ways you can minimize waste around your laboratory. Reuse or recycle your packing and shipping materials from equipment orders. Always follow proper disposal instructions for hazardous or corrosive waste materials. This is especially important when dealing with technical parts and equipment, as e-waste makes up a huge portion of our current waste problems. When you can, recycle your laboratory’s technology and appliances, such as refrigerators, computers, hard drives, and other digital equipment.

Remember these ways to make your laboratory more sustainable to create a greener lab space and reduce any environmental harm. These tips are easy to implement and can make a significant difference in your lab’s energy and waste production levels over time.


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