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The Most Common Mistakes Analytical Labs Make

Even in analytical labs with some of the best-trained and well-educated professionals, errors occur. If you work in an analytical lab, keep an eye out for these common mistakes every lab makes.

Ordering the Wrong Product

It happens more often than you think—someone checks the wrong box or doesn’t double-check the materials they need and ends up ordering the wrong product for the lab. Analytical labs need a steady stream of the supplies they frequently use, such as disposable gloves, pipettes, reagents, and much more.

With all these supplies and products coming and going from the lab, it’s easy for a mix-up to happen. The logistics of running a lab can be tedious and overwhelming, so product order problems are one of the most common mistakes made by analytical labs.

Labelling Mistakes

In an analytical lab (and any scientific lab), many samples, vials, beakers, boxes, and other items require detailed labels. These labels ensure quality control and efficiency, but mistakes happen.

That’s why an accurate labeling system in a lab setting is crucial to efficiency in a lab and obtaining quality results. If you’ve noticed a few too many mistakes regarding labelling, it may be time to adjust or change to a different and easier-to-use labelling system.

Using Wrong Reagent

An analytical lab can utilize and go through many reagents—and while frequently using so many reagents daily, it can be easy to mix them up. Some of this is just pure accident or carelessness from lab techs, but it could result from more systematic problems like a disorganized lab or inadequate training.

Using the wrong reagent will ruin the results of a test and cause delays and problems for any lab. Eliminating these simple mistakes can do wonders for your lab’s efficiency.

Documentation Errors

There’s a lot of data entry and documentation daily in a lab setting. Even for the most detail-oriented people with secure systems, it’s natural for errors to occur. Sometimes, the documentation mistake can be as simple as inputting the wrong date, but it can have dramatic consequences for labs.

Pro Tip

If you’re struggling to keep lab documentation organized, consider a Lab Information Management Software system to help make things easier. These are some of the most frequent errors you may find in a lab, but there are plenty more. Keep an eye out for these mistakes, and your lab has an excellent chance of running more efficiently and effectively.


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