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230 New Emojis Are Coming To Your Phone In March

If you like to use emojis whenever you text, this year is getting off to a new start for the likes of you. This is because the Unicode Consortium (the body responsible for approving emojis) has announced that they have approved 230 new emojis that will be available on both the iOS and Android platforms this year.

Emojis have become a form of communication in recent times. More people of all ages have started to incorporate emojis within their text messages or are using only emojis to express themselves entirely.

Emojis are among the greatest inventions in the 21 century. They’re so popular that it wasn’t enough to have them on our phones only, but a movie had to be made about them.

The new emojis are designed to increase in conclusion with additions such as an emoji for a deaf person, a blind person walking with a probing cane, a person on a motorized wheel chair, a mechanical arm, a person in a hijab and a person kneeling in what appears to be a prayer stance. To mention but a few.

Some of the new emojis expected this coming March










The emojis will now also feature some gender inclusive ones in varying skin tones. We expect to see these updates soon and running on iPhone’s starting in March after the Unicode Consortium releases the new updated emoji list called Emoji 12.0 on 5 March 2019.

For a while now, the laughing emoji has been my favorite to use. That might be changing after March. Which emojis do you use the most?

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230 New Emojis Are Coming To Your Phone In March 9

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