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7 Good Reasons to Seek Marriage Counselling

Marriage isn’t easy when most couples do not know what to do next when they keep fighting or when their relationship goes stale. They do not know at what point they should go to marriage counselling. Others do not consider it an option at all.

Nevertheless, here are some reasons you should consult a marriage counsellor to save your marriage.

Why Need to Seek Marriage Counselling

1. Poor Communication with Your Spouse

When the communication between you and your partner becomes less and less, it is time to see a marriage counsellor. Poor communication often results in negative emotions and feelings being harboured by your partner and may make one partner depressed and insecure. It may also lead to feeling disregarded, making them withdraw from any conversations.

The more the communication is harboured, there may be traces of emotional and physical abuse and hurt feelings. Whenever you feel the quality of your communication with your spouse is deteriorating, you need to see a marriage counsellor.

2. When One or Both of the Partners Has Cheated

Cheating seems to be one of the most tragic things in a relationship. It is usually really hard to come back from cheating, as trust is lost and the relationship fades away slowly. So, why do women cheat on good men, and why do men cheat on good women?

Cheating happens for many reasons, but it is hardly ever really justified. Some of the reasons for cheating may include the following:

  • Your partner feels underappreciated.

  • Your partner is experiencing a midlife crisis.

  • Your partner feels you are disposable and hence feels entitled.

  • Your partner wants more variety in their sex life.

  • Your partner is a chronic cheater.

If you and your partner want to restore your relationship after a cheating incident, it is wise to visit a marriage counsellor to build back the trust.

3. When the Relationship Seems Stale

Sometimes the relationship between couples becomes stale, and they live like roommates. There is no intimacy or communication between the two people. This may be dangerous as negative feelings are harboured by one or both people. If your marriage comes to this point, you need to visit a skilled counsellor to help you go back to normal.

4. The Couple Does Not Know How to Resolve Their Issues

As a couple, you might reach a stage in your relationship where you do not see eye to eye and do not know how to solve some of your issues. Maybe you have tried everything to solve the problem, but it is not working.

Do not despair; marriage counselling is here for that. Consult a marriage counsellor, and maybe you might solve the problem and live your life happier. You might be surprised you are not the only couple going through the problem, and the fix might be simple.

7 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counselling - Newslibre
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5. A Partner Acts Out of Negative Emotions

Negative feelings harboured on the inside often manifest themselves unknowingly or knowingly. You cannot hide them for long. You might find your partner acting out or doing things that you find are hostile towards you. If you see this, it is the right time to visit a marriage counsellor to solve these negative emotions, or they may affect you in the long term.

6. When Separation Seems Like the Only Solution

Whenever there are constant arguments and a couple tends to stay away from each other, it is usually the best time to seek a marriage counsellor. Separating or staying away from each other usually does not solve any problems. Book your appointment with a counsellor to get your marriage back on track.

7. When a Couple Stays Together for the Children

It is usually wise to stay together for the kids since children thrive better with both parents. However, it is also important to note that sometimes staying for the kids may be detrimental to their life. You need to visit a marriage counsellor to foster a healthy environment for the kids.


Visiting a marriage counsellor helps your marriage and relationship go back to better terms and build back any trust lost in case of any misunderstandings. It also helps the couple resolve any issues that seem irresolvable.

Apart from helping you create a healthy relationship for the kids, it also helps you and your partner live a healthier and happier life. If you have any issues with your spouse, it is wise to visit a marriage counsellor today.7 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counselling – Newslibre


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