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WhatsApp Testing Message Unsend Feature

WhatsApp messenger fans have been longing for years and pressing the company to add a feature that allowed them to delete or recall messages they accidentally sent to another person.

According to WABetaInfo which usually informs about upcoming WhatsApp features, the messaging app has been testing this feature for some time now and might make it available for everyone soon.

Whatsapp messenger screenshot - Newslibre

Whatsapp has enabled their server to support the feature and may finally remotely enable the “delete for everyone” feature soon.

Different people are calling it several names such as “unsend”, “delete for everyone” and “recall”.


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The function might work on all types of messages such as text, gifs, images, videos and even images.

However, it seems to have some limitations; you will not be able recall messages that have been sent more than five minutes ago or have already been read.

The exact date for release and the app version are not yet clear but this will be available in both the Android and iOS versions.

So take a toast to cleaning up all those embarrassing drunk or accidental messages, you can now tell her that you’ve been crushing on her and delete the text the next minute if you didn’t feel ready.

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