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Wenger’s Time Is Up At Arsenal

For many Arsenal fans, Arsene Wenger has been their hero and villain. For the last 5 seasons, the calls for the departure of their longest serving manager have been getting louder and louder.

Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996 as an unknown and untested manager to the English game. For many, it was just a matter of time before he was fired by the gunners but with hard work and resilience, Wenger has found himself as the longest serving manager winning 3 Premier League titles, 7 FA Cups among others.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 1
Arsene Wenger lifting the English Premier with captain Tony Adams

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The Arsenal manager has however failed to win any European titles despite having some of the best squads in European football at his disposal and this has been where a lot of judgment was cast onto him.

For the Arsenal fans, the steady decline from glory into a mid table team has been a daunting experience for them and many are wondering what could be the problem. For some fans, it is about time their beloved manager parts ways with the club.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 2
Arsenal fans have had to endure watching their team slowly but steadily decline to mediocrity both at home and in Europe

Some of the club legends have come out to say that its probably time for a man who has achieved so much to step down as to protect his legacy as one of the managers that introduced beautiful football to the English game.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 3
Club legend Paul Merson has been one of the vocal advocates for Arsene Wenger to step down from his role as manager of the club

Wenger is a darling to many of the fans and although many of them wish him to step down from the role of managing the club, there is a big number that still believes that the Frenchman still has it in him to deliver for the Gunners.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 4
Star play-maker, Mesut Ozil has had an up and down season so far but has since stepped up after committing himself to the club.

Wenger and his side have received huge criticism in the last couple of months which has inevitably led to some of the fans shunning the games played at the Emirates stadium in a bid to send a message to the Arsenal board that enough is enough.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 5
Fans favorite hero and legend Thierry Henry is one of the many who would wish to come coach the side and he has also been very vocal in calling for Wenger to step down to protect his legacy.

Failure to finish among the top 4 for the first time as Arsenal manager and this season looking to be no different seems to have sealed the idea in most of the fans that he actually needs to his seat as manager of the club.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 6
Jack Wilshere has been called upon on several occasions to help man the midfield of the Gunners and has once again found himself as a fan favorite.

Wenger this season however, has taken Arsenal to the quarter finals of the European title “Europa League”, a feat that they had last done in 2010 when they were knocked out from the Champions League quarter finals.

Arsenal will be hoping that they can go all the way and win the Europa League to better their chances of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League and also give the team a chance to convince players to come join the club.

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New Manager

This week, media houses have been buzzing with news that Arsenal have signed a contract with a German coach to replace Wenger after he departs.

Rumors hit the streets that Arsenal had gotten into an agreement with Borussia Dortmund former manager Tomas Tuchel to join the club in 2020 to replace Arsene who seems to have gone down the pecking order amidst the fans.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 7
Former Borussia Dortmund manager Tomas Tuchel is being linked with a move to the Emirates stadium

However, the rumors are not true as its now being reported that not only hasn’t he signed with the North London outfit, but he is also being looked as the first choice to take over at Bayern Munich.

For now, all any Arsenal fan loyalist can hope for is that their team wins the Europa League so that they look appetising for the player market come summer and also pray that the 60 year old Frenchman steps down from the position on his own accord.

Wenger's Time Is Up At Arsenal 8

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